CSGO: The Anubis Collection CSGO Skins

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CSGO: The Anubis Collection CSGO Skins

Here’s a brief overlook of the new CSGO skins.

After waiting for some time, The Anubis Collection is finally here. Many people from the CSGO community have been waiting for a while and even though this update wouldn’t arrive. However, Valve surprised us by offering it just a couple of months prior to the arrival of CS 2.

The Anubis Collection features 19 CSGO skins that are themed around the new CS Active Duty map pool. Regarding the skins, there are a couple of interesting options to choose from, so let’s look at them.

M4A4 – Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is the first CSGO skin from The Anubis Collection worth checking. This is a goldish M4A4 skin with amazing artwork and colors like red, green, and blue. Although some people may not find it that interesting, this skin’s design definitely makes it special.

MP7 Sunbaked

This won’t be everyone’s favorite, but the MP7 CSGO skin adds a brownish tent to this weapon. 

AUG Snake Pit

If you like serpents and cool artwork the AUG Snake Pit is an option to consider. Even though it does not have that many colors, the gun looks great.

R8 Revolver – Inlay

This skin is not as interesting as the rest, but the white gun handle makes it more special than it seems.

M249 – Submerged

No one uses this CSGO gun, so we don’t think this skin will change anything.

XM1014 – Hieroglyph

This is a cool-looking shotgun for people who want to have fun. The CSGO skin adds unique hieroglyphs to it.

MAC 10 – Echoing Sands

This has to be one of the least-interesting CSGO skins from The Anubis Collection. It doesn’t have that many colors and many people may find it a bit boring.

USP-S – Desert Tactical

Although this CSGO skin may not seem interesting, it has a red trigger that stands out.

M4A1-S – Mud-Spec

If you think the Eye of Horus is a bit too much, the Mud-Spec M4A4-S is the CSGO skin for you.

SSG 08 – Azure Glyph

It’s safe to say that Azure Glyph is one of the most interesting CSGO skins from The Anubis Collection. It has incredible artwork and the colors make it stand out.

TEC-9 – Mummy’s Rot 

If you like mummies and want to use the Anubis Collection, you can get a fantastic skin called Mummy’s Rot. It will make your TEC-9 a lot more desirable.

MAG-7 Copper Coated

Even though some people think this CSGO skin may look like it's covered in Cheese, it is unique.

AK-47 – Steel Delta 

This may not be the most interesting CSGO skin for the AK-47, but some people may like the classic look.

AWP – Black Nile

To be honest, most people expected a more interesting AWP CSGO Skin from The Anubis Collection. However, this one is also not that bad because some people will like its more traditional look.

P90 – ScaraB Rush

One of the most beautiful P90 skills we’ve seen in a while. It has a lot of golden accents and cool artwork.

Nova – Sobek’s Bite

An attractive CSGO skin from the Anubis Collection that is very interesting is for Nova. It’s safe to say it is among the most interesting options to pick from.

Glock-18 – Ramese’s Reach

This golden Glock will impress many people because it also has a pretty cool-looking eye.

P250 – Apep’s Curse

Speaking of cool-looking CSGO skins from the Anubis Collection, Apep’s Curse is definitely a very interesting option.

Famas – Waters of Nephthys

If you like blue skins that look amazing, Famas is an option you should consider.

CSGO: The Anubis Collection CSGO Skins
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