8 Things In Counter-Strike 2 That are Better Than in CSGO

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8 Things In Counter-Strike 2 That are Better Than in CSGO

Here are some of the most impressive things about Counter-Strike 2.

The announcement of Counter-Strike 2 shocked the world a couple of weeks ago. For the first time in 10 years, Valve decided to make its best-performing game even better. Counter-Strike 2 will include tons of new things once it becomes available this summer, so we can’t wait to test it. With that said, you can learn more about things we expect to see in CS 2 once it becomes available.

Although the game is not out yet, some people can access it because Valve allows them to play in the closed beta. Needless to say, many of them stream live on Twitch and other platforms, which means we can see everything new.

While it’s true that not everyone is keen on the new changes, some things are a lot better in  Counter-Strike 2 than in CSGO. Therefore, it’s time to look at the most interesting ones and see why so many people like them. Don’t forget to check ESTNN’s recommended CSGO betting websites because they will allow people to bet on all events. We also provide daily predictions that include valuable information.


We’re starting by addressing the elephant in the room because the graphics in Coutner-Strike 2 are much better than those in CSGO. Valve’s latest update uses the newest tech in gaming, meaning that everything looks better and feels more realistic. Although the CSGO graphics aren’t that bad, the game is over 10 years old, so it was time for an update.

The way you can check the skins

CSGO skins are one of the big reasons why this game has been so popular in the last couple of years. That’s why people weren’t surprised when Valve said that it wouldn’t remove them in Counter-Strike 2. In fact, the company made them even better looking and also allowed us to take a better look at them.

You can inspect your skins much better than before choosing your preferred angle. This may not seem that important to most players, but those who want to spend a lot of money on something will want to look at it from all angles.

When talking about the skins, we also need to mention the new CS2 lightning effects. You can now see realistic lightning effects when you preview a given skin, which makes it even more interesting.

It is way easier to access the Steam Market

People who have access to Counter-Strike 2 or have watched others playing it probably haven’t noticed, but accessing the Steam Market is way easier than before. Instead of going to the Steam client, you can now do that from your inventory. Simply go there and choose “Steam Market”. This will redirect you to the Store where you can find the skin you want.

Interestingly, there is a similar option in CSGO, but most players don’t even know about it and do not use it. 

New Smokes

Aside from the graphics, the second big thing in Counter-Strike 2 that is way better than in CSGO is the smokes. We can write a separate guide about them because there are tons of new things. Smokes are much more efficient, they’re easier to use, and players can now see through them for a couple of seconds after using grenades. 

Another interesting thing about the smokes is how they function in Counter-Strike 2 when compared to CSGO. Now, you can’t see anything when you’re inside them, meaning that you won’t be able to kill an unsuspecting opponent. 

While talking about the Counter-Strike 2 smokes, you may notice they have a different color. That’s based on the team that used the specific smoke, meaning that players can tell whether someone on their team used it or not.

The smokes in CS 2 will have a key role, so we can’t wait to see the best teams in the world making the most of them. Make sure to follow us for more information.

You can choose the refresh rate from the video settings

Everyone knows that monitors with higher refresh rates are better for Counter-Strike. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why so many people spend a lot of money to get monitors with much higher HZ.

Even though CSGO allowed people to change their resolution, they couldn’t choose the HZ they were using. However, this is no longer the case because this option is available in Counter-Strike 2. To use it, go to video settings and select the drop-down menu.

The in-game voice communication is way better

Counter Strike 2 release date

Let’s face it, Counter-Strike is a game where you have to communicate with your team to succeed. In fact, this game is one of the reasons why there are so many different apps that you can use to talk to people online.

CS always allowed people to talk in-game, even back in the CS 1.6 days. However, the voice chat quality was not good, and the same was true for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, things are different in Counter-Strike 2 because the voice chat quality is way higher.

You can actually see your sound travel by checking the minimap

Valorant players have had access to this feature for a while, but it seems like Valve finally decided to add it to Counter-Strike 2. Once you start playing and make a noise by running, shooting, dropping something, etc., you can check the minimap and see the “sound wave”. This is great for new players because they can check whether the enemies can hear them.

It is much easier to make skins and maps in CS 2

The last thing we’d like to include on the list is that mapping and creating skins in Counter-Strike 2 is much easier than in CSGO. Valve advertised this when it announced the new game, which is good news for players who want to be creative and come up with new ideas.


There are tons of other things that are better in CS2 than in CSGO, so we can’t wait to see the game in action. Follow us for more information about this or any other leading eSport.

8 Things In Counter-Strike 2 That are Better Than in CSGO
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