Counter Strike 2 is Real. Here is Everything we Know

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Counter Strike 2 is Real. Here is Everything we Know

The crazy folks at Valve finally did it, Counter Strike 2 is real, and we have footage to prove it.

It seemed like a meme, like something we'd never get… but here we are, it's 2023 and Counter'Strike 2 is real. Below we'll share everything that Valve has given away. This is a updatating story, so be sure to check back.

For now, what we do know is that Counter-Strike 2 is going to be a major update to CSGO. So we won't see a new game competition, though that's probably a good thing. For now, we have a few key details. Counter Strike 2 is going to be out in Summer of 2023.

The game is going to update some of the most important parts of CSGO in a big way. Smokes are getting a huge overhaul, making them way more consistent for everyone involved. “Tick rate” is gone (maybe) as Valve introduce “sub-ticks” to combat the issue of the action on screen not matching up with what you're doing. Lastly, for now, we'll see updates to maps, without making the sort of changes that would require fans to relearn the entire map.

Counter Strike 2 Smokes improve

Smokes are now an interactable part of the world. shots through smoke will now displace it, while the smoke itself will form around objects. In the video below, we see it forming around the bin, while the CTs gun fire travels through the smoke.

Counter Strike 2 Maps are changing, but not too much

Changes are coming to the maps, without the need to relearn everything you know. The video below shows a fair few examples, but Valve linked to a great interactive slider on its website. It's also worth noting that, all these new Source 2 features will be available for community map makers, while Source 2 will also bring updates to the Item Workshop.

counter strike 2 v csgo

Counter Strike 2 tick rate

That's right, we won't need to worry about any of those pesky 64-tick public servers going forward. In Counter-Strike 2, that's set to change as Valve adds “sub-tick” updates, meaning you won't need to worry about missing a beat.  “What you see, is what you get”, so Valve is claiming. Though, we'll have to see.

CSGO Skins in Counter Strike 2

Your entire CSGO inventory isn't leaving, either, as Counter Strike 2 will bring them forward. Not only will they be in the new update, they'll look even better. As shown in the video below, your old skins will get a new look with the Counter Strike 2 update. This will go for weapons, and player models. All will be higher resolution, while also taking advantage of improvements in lighting and other Source 2 benefits.

Counter Strike 2 audio update

Valve has reworked the audio in Counter Strike 2 to better reflect the physical environment you're in. Audio will also be rebalanced to make it more “comfortable” to listen to.

Counter Strike high-definition VFX

Counter Strike 2 will also see changes to the VFX used within the game. Source 2 will improve on both lighting and particle system. This will have a huge impact on water, explosions, smoke, muzzle flash, bullet tracers and fire. As shown below, the Molotov and C4 lighting are two of the main beneficiaries of this update.

When is Counter Strike 2 out?

The update to CSGO is due out in Summer of 2023. So not long to wait now until we can get our hands on it. For now, a limited number of CSGO players will be invited to test the update out early, we assume this will be a mix of Pro Players, high-rank solos, and active players. So, if you fall into that camp, keep an eye on your emails.

Counter Strike 2 is Real. Here is Everything we Know
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