CS:GO: Snappi Reportedly Joining C0ntact

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CS:GO: Snappi Reportedly Joining C0ntact

c0ntact have reportedly bought Snappi out of his TIGER contract.

Former Heroic member Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer will be signing with c0ntact, according to a report from HLTV. Originally set to join the Mongolian team TIGER, the in-game leader’s contract has reportedly been bought out by c0ntact. Should the move go through, Snappi will debut with c0ntact at cs_summit 6.

Under the Heroic banner, Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer achieved a 3-4th place finish at EPICENTER 2019. He also had a second placing at DreamHack Open Rotterdam, and a win at DreamHack Open Atlanta. He was benched from the active roster in April, after his second tenure with the organization.

From TIGER To C0ntact

Reports surfaced in May of Snappi and British AWPer Owen “Smooya” Butterfield making an unlikely move to Mongolian side TIGER. Snappi was reportedly bought out by the organization in late May, though he never played an official match with the squad. The Dane then linked up with Astralis. He stood in for a brief period while Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth went on temporary leave.

Snappi will now be making a move to mixed-European team c0ntact, as his contract has been bought out from the TIGER organization. There is currently no word on who c0ntact plans to remove should Snappi join the roster. Furthermore, Snappi has seemingly completed his tenure with Astralis, as the team has been eliminated from DreamHack Masters Spring Europe and they do not plan to compete in cs_summit 6. Snappi’s debut under the c0ntact name will reportedly come in the cs_summit 6 European qualifier, which is set to begin on June 22.

To clarify, this move has not yet been confirmed. c0ntact will next compete in the cs_summit 6 European regional qualifier.

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