CSGO Skins – Information, Price & Their Future

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CSGO Skins – Information, Price & Their Future

We go over how Source 2 could affect the price and future of CSGO skins.

CSGO Source 2 should arrive soon, and with it, we expect to see loads of changes. Naturally, one of the things that people worry about the most is their CSGO skins. Since some players have spent thousands of dollars on them, they want to ensure they won’t have any problems following the big update. Speaking of the devil, you can learn more about some of the changes we expect to see. 

Experienced players won’t be surprised users are worried about their skins in the game. However, those who haven’t had much experience with the game are probably wondering what makes them so special. That’s why we’ve decided to write a general overview of the skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let’s dive in.

What are the CSGO skins?

cs-wallpapear global elite

CSGO skins are in-game items designed by players that change the appearance of specific weapons or the player’s model. They do not provide any in-game advantage, such as more damage, better accuracy, auto aim, and things like that. Instead, they change the cosmetic appearance of a given gun and make it look visually appealing.

Unless you go to a CSGO skins market, you can only get these items from the Steam Marketplace or by purchasing cases. The latter contains different items, but the only way to get your hands on them is if you pay to unlock them.

The skins inside vary and may include skins that are really to come by or something that is available all the time. In fact, opening a chest means the game will choose one of the wear levels:

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Worn
  • Battle-Scarred

How is the CSGO skins price determined?

3 skins from CS20 case that reminds us about epic esports momentsThe CSGO skin price is based on several factors, such as the rarity of the skin. People also consider things like the wear level (FN is the most expensive one), the case and the collection the skin comes from. Needless to say, the rarity is also very important.

An important thing to remember about the skins in CSGO is that many people will use third-party websites to buy them. Although some users only go to the Steam Marketplace, the problem is that the prices there are usually much higher. So, people who want to save money simply choose one of the third-party sites and get the skin from there.

An important thing to know is that the skins in the CS:GO became available after the Arms Deal Update. It added more than 100 skins to the CSGO stash, so players had access to a lot of weapons. Of course, these skins were also marketable and tradable.

Why do people pay thousands of dollars to get CSGO skins?


Although not all skins in CS:GO cost a lot of money, there are some options that can go for thousands of dollars. People who haven’t played the game or aren’t that active might find it strange that players are willing to spend so much money on an in-game item. However, those into CSGO skins gambling and trading see this as an opportunity to make money. Consequently, they trade expensive skins all the time.

Aside from those interested in gambling and trading, some CSGO players buy skins just because they like them. There are people with a lot of money who want to have something unique that others don’t have. Consequently, they are more than willing to spend much money on it.

Speaking of spending a lot of money, not all skins cost a fortune. In fact, there are loads of options that aren’t that good and rarely have a lot of fans. For example, the M249 Gator Mesh is one of the least-popular skins in the game.

The future of CSGO skins

Right now, the entire CSGO community is interested in the upcoming Source 2, which will change the game from the ground up. Aside from all of the new mechanics and things that people are interested in, many want to know more about the CSGo skins trade and what will happen with their in-game items.

Sadly, we don’t know what might happen with the skins in Source 2. We don’t believe that Valve will remove or restrict them in any way because this will have a negative impact on CSGO. Let’s not forget that the game recently broke the record for having the most active players.

Whether you’re looking for CSGO skins free or you want to pay a lot of money to get something you like, there will be tons of options to choose from. Not all of them will be worth it, but some skins may increase in value in the next few months.

The arrival of Source 2 will definitely change the game as we know it, but we don’t expect to see any changes in the skins. Of course, we will definitely get loads of new options to choose from, but it will be interesting ot see if the CSGO skins for Source 2 will be different than those from the original game.

CSGO Skins – Information, Price & Their Future
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