CSGO: Source 2 Changes – What Can We Expect To See

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CSGO: Source 2 Changes – What Can We Expect To See

We break down the rumors surrounding CSGO Source 2.

UPDATE – Counter Strike 2 is real.

The rumors about an upcoming massive update to CSGO have been growing by the day. People have been waiting for the so-called “CSGO Source 2” for years now, and it seems like we’ll finally get it in 2023. 

Even though there were loads of rumors about getting the major game rework in late 2022, the events from the past revealed that it is closer than we think. Besides the review of many reputable journalists, an update from Nvidia also revealed that Source 2 is on its way.

Although we do not know when it will happen, we expect the CSGO Source 2 to become available in the upcoming weeks. With that said, many players do not know what to expect from the new update, so let’s dive into some of the biggest changes to be aware of.

No changes to the skins

AWP Gungnir Skin

The first and probably the most important thing we’d like to share about Source 2 in CSGO is that we don’t expect to see any changes to the skins. Of course, we will eventually get new and better-looking skins, but this doesn’t mean players will lose their old ones. There were rumors about something like this, but we find it hard to believe that Valve will shoot itself in the foot with such a move.

Many people do not care about skins, but some have spent thousands of dollars on CSGO skins over the years. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be fair if Valve decides to remove them for Source 2. In fact, the skins in CSGO are one of the big reasons this game is so popular, despite being more than 10 years old.

Speaking of skins and changes, one of the things that we don’t know is whether Source 2 will have an impact on their price. As you know, there are CSGO skins that cost an insane amount of money, so it will be interesting to see what will happen. 

128-tick servers

CSGO Mirage mid connector nest underpass earlygame

One of the things that people talked about when it comes down to CSGO Source 2 is that we may have access to new servers. More specifically, Richard Lewis, a journalist, has said that we may have access to 128 tick CSGO services, which will definitely make a difference for players.

Inexperienced players may not notice that big of a difference, but old-school CSers know that more tick is always better. The new servers should make the game feel even smoother and more realistic, which is always a plus.

Match-making system changes

Fredrik "REZ" Sterner cheers after taking a win with his team, Ninja in Pyjamas

One of the problems that CSGO players have been complaining about for ages is the ranking system. Even though players are usually unhappy with every ranking system in a computer game, there have been many problems with CSGO over the years. From cheaters to random demotes, we’ve seen it all.

The fact that the CSGO ranking system is one of the essential pillars of the game means that Source 2 will most likely bring some major changes to it. Richar Lewis also highlighted this in his research.

No one knows whether this new system will become available immediately because it has nothing to do with the Source 2 engine itself. What’s more, releasing so many new things at once is not typical for Valve, and it may confuse some players.

With that said, if there is a new CSGO match-making system, we expect to see a lot of improvements. In fact, Lewis even stated that “there might be no need for any third-party services”,  which means things such as FACEIT. Of course, we’re yet to see whether this will be the case.

Source 2 should help Valve release new content faster than before

Even though players love CSGO, there is no arguing that the game is old. Considering it became available in 2012, it is a miracle that so many people keep playing it when there are tons of alternatives out there. Valve realizes that it needs to change something to make CSGO more competitive against titles like Valorant, which is why it will release Source 2.

Besides all of the graphic changes and improvements, the new update will make the game more modern in every way. This also includes the potential for Valve to release more frequent updates. This was something that the company did with Dota 2 when the game moved to the new engine.

The movement, gameplay and maps might be slightly different

csgo-source 2

Although we're not sure whether the movement in CSGO will be different in Source 2, there were rumors about it a couple of years ago that stated Valve wouldn't be able to make the movement absolutely the same as in Source 1. In fact, Source 2 should make the game feel “faster”, meaning there will be changes in peeking, shooting, and pretty much anything else.


All of the potential changes above are related to the “physical changes” that Source 2 will add to the game. The idea is to make CSGO feel more modern and realistic, so we can expect to see a lot of new things.  This also includes some maps, which means that people will have to learn how to throw grenades again.

Make sure to follow us for more information about CSGO and Source 2 because we’ll make sure to provide you with all the latest data. Don’t forget that there are many upcoming CSGO tournaments to choose from, and we can also provide you with the best CSGO betting sites. Some of them will also offer different kinds of promotions.

CSGO: Source 2 Changes – What Can We Expect To See
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