CSGO Rules People Learn the Hard Way

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CSGO Rules People Learn the Hard Way

Some CSGO rules people have to learn the hard way, we put together this handy guide so that doesn't have to be you!

CSGO is one of the most legendary PC games in the world. Despite being around for more than 10 years, it is the go-to shooter for millions and is also one of the biggest eSports in the world. In fact, 2023 will most likely big a big year for the game because we think that Valve will finally drop Source 2.

Although the game is old and some people have been playing for years, not all know what to do. In fact, CSGO has a lot of “unwritten rules” that everyone should be aware of, especially before playing for ranks. Sadly, many people have to learn these rules the hard way, which means they often have a lot of difficulties.

It will be hard to include everything in a single video, but we’ve decided to cover most of the things you must know about CSGO before you start playing. Don’t forget we’ve covered the best CSGO skins under $10 for 2023 because some of them are awesome and only cost a couple of cents.

Queuing up for a ranked game and selecting Dust 2 or Mirage means you will almost always get one of them

The CSGO map pool grows yearly because Valve adds and removes maps to make it more interesting. Nowadays, people can choose from many options, but there is no arguing that 2 of them stand out. Mirage and Dust 2 are the most popular CSGO maps in the world, which is why some people always play them.

This may not be a problem for some of you, but those who want something new should not select Dust 2 or Mirage while queuing for a game. Doing this means the game will almost always choose one of the top maps because they are just way more popular. 

Do not talk during the warmup

Once you find a ranked game and start playing, you must go through the warmup before you start playing. As its name suggests, this is where you have to practice a bit so you can be more successful. 

Usually, people do not say anything during the warmup, let alone introduce themselves ot their teammates. In fact, those who do that are often flamed, and people consider it weird. So, do not be “that guy” if you don’t want to get into a quarrel before the start of the game. 

Be really careful when reloading or rescoping

One of the big mistakes made by players in every CSGO rank is reloading and rescoping. Generally speaking, you should do both only when you are confident that there won’t be anyone to kill you. However, many players decide to do it whenever they feel like it, which is where they can get in trouble.

Usually, people who reload and rescope randomly almost always regret their decision because this is when their enemies decide to attack them. As you can imagine, winning a duel where you are reloading, and the opponent is shooting at you is almost impossible.

Don't talk or try helping your teammates when they are in a 1 v X situation

One of the worst things inexperienced CSGO players do when playing is to start “coaching” others when they’re dead. Besides the fact that most people don’t have a clue what’s going on, they can be extremely annoying. In fact, players often lose concentration because someone is talking while playing, which means that they end up losing the round.

If you want to avoid reports and endless flamewars, do not talk or try helping your teammates when you’re dead. Even though you may think you’re helping them, this isn’t the case because you will do more harm than good.

Don’t rush first if you got the bomb

Although this is one of the basic things every CSGO player should be aware of, we see this time and time again. Over-confident T players who think they can kill everyone often rush a given bombsite when they have the bomb. While it is true that there are cases where they can get lucky, this rarely happens.

In most cases, these people die immediately and drop the bomb in an awkward position, making it really hard for their teammates to get it. Unsurprisingly, CT players will do everything they can to prevent them from succeeding. So, you can expect things like flashbangs, smokes, and tons of other things.

If you got the bomb and want to rush a given site, you have to stay behind or simply drop the bomb so that someone else can get it. 

Don't ruin your teammate’s cover

As you know, sound plays a very important role in CSGO. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why people invest a lot of money into expensive headsets and other equipment.

Speaking of sound and CSGO, players will often walk to avoid making noises and have the chance to surprise their opponents. As you can probably guess, you should be really careful not to ruin your teammate’s cover by making unnecessary noises when you’re near them.

Sadly, this is one of the unwritten CSGO rules that people break all the time, especially when they’re in the lower ranks. Sadly, you can’t do much about it if your team is ruining the game, so try to focus on your aim to carry them.

CT players don’t always need to get helmets, at least in some situations

Even though most CSGO CT players always ger armor and helmet, there are some cases where they do not need to go for these things. For example, when playing against Ts with an AK-47, this gun is powerful enough to land an instant kill, even if you have a helmet. So, you can get extra utilities instead of using this money for something that won’t save you.

Of course, there are many scenarios where you need to have both, so it all depends on the situation. Keep track of your enemies and think carefully about the things you can do to make the most out of the situation. 

CSGO Rules People Learn the Hard Way
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