CSGO: The Best AWP Skins for 2023 Under $10

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CSGO: The Best AWP Skins for 2023 Under $10

We round up the best AWP Skins in CSGO for under $10.

2022 was one of the most successful years for CSGO for many reasons. Besides the fact that the game is now 10 years old, its eSports scene has never been as popular as today. With millions of fans worldwide, CSGO continues to be one of the most popular titles in the world.

Speaking of the game’s popularity, one of the main reasons why so many players like it is because of the skins. CSGO is home to thousands of skins for different weapons, but those for the knife and AWP are usually the most popular ones. The bad news is that the best CSGO skins can cost thousands of dollars, meaning that not everyone can afford them.

Thankfully, we are here to show you that you don’t need to spend an insane amount of money on a CSGO skin to look cool. If you are an AWPer or want to have fantastic skin for this weapon, there are several budget options you can go for in 2023. 

Even though we don’t have information about the upcoming skins, a couple of existing options stand out, so let’s go through them. Interestingly. All of them cost under $10, which is good news for those on a budget.

AWP Phobos

Although some people may not like it, there is no arguing that the AWP Phobos is one of the best-looking and cheapest skins. The factory new option starts from around $1.30, which is super cheap compared to other popular AWP skins. 

If you decide to use the AWP Phobos, your weapon will have cool orange and yellow markings, as well as a nice logo near the handle. It is definitely not the most flashy skin out there, but this is one of the reasons why some people like it. After all, not everyone wants to have skin that looks weird.


Even though some people may not have heard of it yet, AWP Pop is a popular skin for people who want something new and fresh. The factory new version starts from around $3, which is cheaper than any of the popular CSGP AWP skins out there.

While it is true that this skin does not have that many details, it definitely makes your AWP stand out. The designer decided to use attractive colors that pop up and apply squares all over the gun. Sadly, some people might not like the fact that the scope lacks any unique graphics/colors, but it seems like the designers decided that they don’t want to make it stand out as much.

AWP Archeron

If you are looking for a unique skin that costs around $2, it will be hard to find something better than the AWP Archeon. This skin is really cheap for what it is because it makes your AWP look way more sinister than before.

A quick look at the factory new skin reveals that the designer used tons of skulls and a lot of red and blue paint. The red resembles blood, which makes the skin unique.

Although this CSGO AWP skin won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it is definitely an excellent option for people who want something special. Sadly, similar to the AWP Pop, the gun’s scope does not get anything special, so keep that in mind.

AWP Mortis

While it is true that this skin may often cost more than $10 (depending on when you’re reading this), it is usually one of the more budget options out there. Some people consider this one of the most underrated CSGO AWP skins because of how it looks. It changes the gun from the ground up by adding unique colors and graphics, including a skull and a skeleton.

AWP Mortis is one of the more strange-looking skins in the game and won’t be everyone’s go-to option. However, if you are looking for something special and don’t like any of our other recommendations, definitely check this option.

AWP Exoskeleton

This CSGO AWP Skin is probably the one that most people will go for because it has nothing to do with the rest. Instead of focusing on flashy colors and special paintings, the AWP Exoskeleton uses fantastic 3D graphics that make your AWP look even more sinister than before.

Getting this skin in a factory new condition will cost you around $4. However, this price is subject to change in the future, especially if the skin becomes more popular. Of course, we are yet to see if this will be the case.

AWP Atheris

One of the most impressive skins on the list that you can get for your AWP if you want to stand out is called AWP Atheris. Once you look at it, you will think that this skin costs thousands of dollars. However, a quick check reveals that you can get it for around $9, which means it is really cheap for what it is.

What makes this skin so popular is the fact that it uses unique green and blue colors and has a giant snake that goes around your AWP. Unlike some other options on the list, this one also has graphics on the scope itself. Even though it is slightly more expensive than the other awp skins mentioned so far, the AWP Arthesis is something that every AWP fan should have in his collection.

AWP Fever Skin

The last skin you should look at before deciding what to get is the AWP Fever Skin. This one has to be one of the craziest options on the list because it consists of tons of cool artwork. What’s more, this skin is full of Easter Eggs, such as the lyrics from 2Pac’s song No More Pain, and so on. The colors used for the skin are purple, blue, and black, which definitely make it stand out.

By the looks of it, 2023 will be an excellent year for every CSGO fan. Aside from some of the upcoming updates, we also expect to see tons of new skins and options. Needless to say, we will keep an eye on everything new and let you know, so make sure to follow us. Don’t forget that we can also provide you with the best CSGO betting websites available.

CSGO: The Best AWP Skins for 2023 Under $10
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