CSGO: Fragadelphia Rocked by Shooting Threat

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CSGO: Fragadelphia Rocked by Shooting Threat

The tournament organizer alerted the FBI after a player threatened to “shoot up” the event in an online match.

Fragadelphia contacted the FBI and other authorities after a CS:GO player threatened to “shoot up” the upcoming Fragadelphia LAN. N3rd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio addressed the threat and stated in a tweet that Fragadelphia will have added security present at the event. This incident comes in the wake of multiple mass shootings in the United States in recent weeks.

Online Threat Forces Increased Security at Fragadelphia

The threat seemingly took place during a regular FACEIT pick-up game (PUG) of CS: GO, where a player by the name of ohcgnor got into an altercation with other players in the server, communicating via the in-game chat function. When a fellow player asked if he was going to be attending “frag” (short for Fragadelphia), ohcgnor responded by saying he “might shoot up frag irl.” A player who was presumably present in the game but not involved in the interaction posted a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter, under the username Droidcsgo.


Fazio responded to this tweet, reassuring fans that there would be added security at Fragadelphia, and that the FBI and local police had been alerted. Fazio also stated in another tweet that the NCS Chicago Major, another N3rd Street Gamers event, will also have an increased armed security presence. Ohcgnor has been temporarily banned from the FACEIT platform, though many fans are urging the company to make sure he is banned from using the service permanently.

Fragadelphia is a series of semi-professional CS:GO tournaments put on by N3rd Street Gamers. These events have taken place on an annual basis for years now, though they are typically held in Philadelphia. This year’s event will be in Huntington Beach, California, in September. N3rd Street Gamers hosts a number of semi-professional CS:GO tournaments, including the NCS Major series, the next iteration of which will take place in Chicago this weekend.

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