CS:GO: DreamHack Announces $300,000 Regional Open Summer Tournaments

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CS:GO: DreamHack Announces $300,000 Regional Open Summer Tournaments

DreamHack moves Open events online for the summer.

DreamHack will host an online circuit of Open CS:GO events across four different regions, the tournament organizer announced today. These events will take the place of CS:GO’s DreamHack Opens, many of which were canceled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

DreamHack Open Summer will take place online, covering four regions throughout July and August. Boasting a $300,000 prize pool, the event circuit will see dozens of teams competing across Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Each regional competition will be split into two stages. The first pits eight teams against each other for a $10,000 prize pool and two spots in Stage 2.

Open qualifiers will precede the first stage in each region, with the top four teams advancing to Stage 1. The two qualified teams from Stage 1 will then join a number of invited teams, making for eight total teams in Europe and North America’s second Stage, and four teams in Asia and Oceania. The format for competition has not yet been announced.

Europe and North America will hold a $90,000 prize pool for Stage 2, while Asia and Oceania receive $40,000. The champions in Europe and NA will take home $35,000. Meanwhile, the winners from Asia and OCE will be awarded $17,500. It is currently unknown how these events will play into the ESL Pro Tour, as DreamHack Opens were previously designated as Challenger level events, feeding into the larger Masters level tournaments.

DreamHack Open Summer will begin with the European region, with Stage 1 beginning sometime in June.

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