CS:GO: Astralis To Field JUGi As Gla1ve Goes On Medical Leave

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CS:GO: Astralis To Field JUGi As Gla1ve Goes On Medical Leave

JUGi moves to the starting roster for the next three months.

Astralis has moved Jakob “JUGi” Hansen to their starting lineup as in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander goes on medical leave. Gla1ve will be stepping down from the active roster for the next three months due to “stress and burnout.”

Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander is widely considered to be the best in-game leader in Counter-Strike. He led Astralis to four CS:GO Major championship titles, along with countless other top-tier tournament victories. Since adding Emil “Magisk” Reif in 2018, Astralis has won three consecutive Major trophies, making for the longest Major-winning streak in CS:GO history.

Gla1ve Steps Down

Gla1ve will now step down from the active Astralis roster for three months while on medical leave. The 24-year-old revealed his departure in a TwitLonger, where he cited “stress and burnout” as motivation for going on leave. He states the decision was made with help from his doctor. “The next 3 months,” gla1ve says, “I will be using my time to fully rest and then come back to the Astralis team.”

Taking his place on the starting lineup is former North AWPer Jakob “JUGi” Hansen. The 23-year-old gained notoriety while playing for Heroic in 2017, reaching the semi-finals of IEM Katowice and placing second at DreamHack Open Atlanta with the team. He then played for OpTic Gaming and later North, though has been without a team since January of 2020. JUGi linked up with Astralis earlier this month as part of their extended roster, becoming the seventh member of the team.

It is unknown who will take over as in-game leader during gla1ve’s absence. Rumors suggest rifler Magisk may take on the role. The team will first compete with their new starting roster in DreamHack Masters Spring Europe, where they have already secured an opening victory over Heroic.

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