CSGO 6 Awesome Inferno CT Side Strats

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CSGO 6 Awesome Inferno CT Side Strats

The CT side isn’t just about holding a position for the entirety of the half. Here are 6 Inferno CT Side Starts. 

A lot of newbies and even mid-level players tend to be under the impression that playing the Counter-Terrorist side in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about holding an angle/area and possibly using some utility here and there. However, there’s a whole world of CT-side strats that you need to know to take your game to the next level.

Whether it’s boosts, crossfires, pushes, or more, there are many things you need to know in order to upgrade your CT-side gameplay. You may already be familiar with some of these strategies, but may stumble upon further possibilities you had not considered. If you’ve already read our 6 Awesome Inferno T-Side Strats, then you definitely want to read this, and vice-versa.

Inferno CT Side Strats: Bombsite A

With plenty of angles to hold and places to hide. You might think that Inferno’s A can be defended simply by changing positions and good shooting, but as you will see, this gem of a bombsite comes with plenty of opportunities for creativity.

CSGO Inferno A Site

The Smoke Push 

Our first CT-side strat features some serious aggression. Have the first player to reach Mid throw a Molotov near the top of T Slope, and have the second one throw a smoke in the exact same place. The first then holds the smoke to prevent anyone from pushing, and the second climbs up the stairs in Alt-Mid to engage anyone rushing from there or even someone fast-pushing Apartments. 

At the same time, the third player in A throws a flash above CT-side Apartments and pushes up close to the bottom of Apt stairs. If a Terrorist tries to take out the CT stationed in Alt-Mid, this player can swing out and help — or at least, take the trade. 

The Hide and Peek 

From all-out aggression, we switch to an entrenched defense. This strat is especially useful for a save round/half buy. Have two players in B throw early nades into Banana followed by a smoke, a couple of decoys, and lots of pistol spams to make the T-side think B has been stacked. 

Meanwhile, over at A, have one player hiding in Small Pit, one in Graveyard, and one behind the box in the Site. The person in the site should be making a lot of noise, and should distract the incoming Terrorists. As soon as the player comes under fire, the other two must pop out and engage the enemy. With any luck, you could win an important round or, at least, do some serious economic damage. 

The Apts Crawl

We all know that anyone with more than a little experience in Inferno will spam the Apts wall from Alt-Mid while playing T-side. However, this spam is almost always done at head-level. You see where we’re going with this?

Crouch the entire length of the Apartment and get ready at the bottom of the stairs, with another person holding the jump spot into T-Side Balcony. If no one’s coming, you could either risk checking or have the aforementioned teammate throw a flash in front of T-Side Apts through the window for a safer peek. If you do the former and it’s clear, you’re free to push and take map control or even move into a flank.

Inferno CT Side Strats: Bombsite B

On the old version of Inferno, B was extremely difficult to conquer. With the 2016 update, entry to the site was turned into a more balanced and less suicidal affair. That being said, the CT side can still pull off some interesting stunts to ruin their opponents’ day.

CSGO Inferno Bombsite B

The Sacrificial Gambit 

This strat is all about mind games, and is another great idea for a save round/half buy. Have two players rush Banana with nades, hopefully taking at least one player down. The T-Side will take them down and almost certainly think that B is empty. 

Except it’s not. Absolutely not. Keep one player on the CT side spamming through the smoke that will almost invariably be thrown to block their vision, and have the other two hiding behind New Box and in Dark. As soon as the Terrorists come in, they will think that CT is the sole rotator, and should become complacent and might even begin to plant. We’re pretty sure you know what comes next. 

The Multi-Boost

It’s no secret that people boost on Inferno all the time, but this is a little more interesting. In this case, boost two teammates onto CT-side Boost/Flowerpots and New Box before positioning yourself on the Second Box. 

Next, have the teammate on New Box throw the following smoke to cover himself, and you’ve got a veritable gauntlet set up for the T-side to try to break.

The Nade Sandwich

Nade rushes are part and parcel of Counter-Strike, but this one involves just a little more. On a half-buy round, have two players rush Mid — one with a Molly and a smoke, and the other with a nade and a flash. The nade and Molly will be thrown at the bottom of Mid immediately upon getting to Top Mid. The players will rush down mid, sticking to the right side, with the smoke thrown on the Molly to block vision from T Ramp.  

Over at B, the other three players will bombard Banana, with the player reaching last throwing a flash above and behind the first two players to blind incoming Ts while leaving the CTs unaffected. If the Ts are stuck in Banana, the two players rushing mid flash T Slope through the smoke and push through. Even if only one or two players come to Banana, it could mean important weapons going to the CT side as well as plenty of map control. 

These strats probably won’t get you to a CSGO Major, but they will surely help you win the odd Ranked/FaceIt match. Join us next time when we do the same thing for good old — very old — Dust 2.

CSGO 6 Awesome Inferno CT Side Strats
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