6 Awesome Inferno T-Side Strats

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6 Awesome Inferno T-Side Strats

Some simple-but-effective strategies for the sun-soaked Italian map, specifically those on the T-side.

When you get deep into it, Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be an extremely complex game. Between smoke lineups, off-angles, and boosted positions, there is a lot to learn, memorize, and adopt into actual gameplay. As a result, a lot of players tend to hyperfixate on the micro aspects and forget about the macro elements. Not many players think about Inferno strats or Mirage executes when thinking about CS.

As long as you’re not playing with completely random players — and in some cases, even if you are — it’s important to know some strategies for the maps you play. This is especially useful for newer players who don’t watch many (or any) pro games. If you’re looking to learn some strats, here are a few tried-and-tested ones that are simple enough for you to try with your friends, and potent enough to work at all levels of the game.

For this article, we will be mentioning 3 strats for each site. There are many variations to these calls, but we will only focus on one for the sake of simplicity. Bear in mind that although we will mention five players, many of the strats can be executed (at least partially/effectively) by less in case some of your players die beforehand. We will also be creating similar guides for other maps; we just thought we’d start with Inferno, as it’s one of the most popular maps at the time of writing.

Inferno Strats: Bombsite A

Inferno’s Bombsite A is arguably the most beautifully balanced and interesting site in all of CSGO. With as many as four different points of entry into the periphery of the site for Terrorists and a vast number of positions for the CTs to hold from. This site offers a plethora of strategies for use by both sides. However, today is all about the Ts.

CSGO Inferno A Site

The Short Split

One of the most basic and common strategies, this has been one of the most effective plans since the days of CS 1.6 and even Source. Start with one person holding Banana for any prospective pushes, preferably starting by pushing into Via Adamo with a flash. Throwing a Molotov towards the top of Banana to discourage CTs from pushing up to hold the angle with an AWP is also a great idea.

As for the other side, take fast Apartment control, and position two players in Mid, one in Boiler, and one as close to Balcony as they can go without taking a fight. Next, smoke Connector side and flash the same area before pushing into Short through Mid and Boiler simultaneously. One person should keep an eye on the smoke in case of CT pushes until the Banana player falls back to join you. Smoke or Molly Pit, and flash out of Balcony before pushing into Pit/A Site.

The Pincer

The start of this one is identical to the last, with the differences beginning once the team is in position. Instead of smoking Connector side, smoke and flash Boiler side and Molly the little cubby on Connector side before pushing into Mid. Make sure to check for any boosted CTs on the Short side as they can be devastating.

Smoke off Connector and have two players push up to near Library while the player in Boiler Mollies Pit. Time the push into A Site with the Apartment and Short players to ensure good trades into a plant.

The Mid Rush

A good old-fashioned rush is sometimes the best strategy for shaking things up. If your team doesn’t have enough money for a full buy, get some armor with Tec-9s and maybe a MAC-10 or two. Have a player push mid with two flashes and a smoke. The first is to deter any peekers, and the second is to smoke off Boiler. The other four should rush up Second Mid as fast as possible, with one throwing a Molly into CT Apts to prevent any pickoffs.

A single flash over the top towards Connector along with a second flash into Boiler from the person waiting in Gutter should be enough for three players to push and overpower the player in Connector. The fourth should wait near Boiler, and catch the Short player by surprise whether they have just emptied a clip into the smoke or are falling back towards A Site. The combined effort should land the T side an important round.

Inferno Strats: Bombsite B

Bombsite B is usually much more difficult to take due to the narrow main entry point, but it is also a nightmare to retake. This one might require you to learn a few lineups, but we assure you that the work will be worth it.

CSGO Inferno Bombsite B

Raw Power

One of the most common strats for Inferno is the B rush. This variation of the rush is situational — for when CT players keep pushing Top Banana. Even if your team has money, have two players with good forward spawns buy MAC-10s. The others must rush with them, but with smokes and flashes to douse Mollies and blind enemies to enable the teammates rather than take charge.

The movement speed and moving accuracy afforded by the MAC-10s is the game changer here. If the B players manage to fall back, take map control and fall into a default setup, with one of the plays listed below a viable follow-up option. If you’ve taken out the B players, smoke CT side and enjoy the win.

The Dark Barrier

This one requires you or your teammates to learn the Coffin smoke as well as the New Box Molly. Throw the utility, and needless to say, add a CT side smoke. Flash into CT side only in order to avoid friendly flashes, and have your players push Generator with their backs towards CT side. With some good trades, you should be in.

Every player should check the First Box, CT Side, and New Box boosts. Mollies into both Dark and New Box are essential. Make sure you don’t plant before clearing the site, and when planting, do so near coffins and watch out for flash-pushes through the CT smoke, which should be replaced by another by that point.

The A-to-B Squeeze

With two players pushing the Banana CTs back with utility, the rest smoke Boiler and push into Arch as explained in the A pincer above. Throw a smoke in front of Library to make your way into CT Spawn through Arch. Molly the CT-side exit of Library to prevent anyone from flanking immediately.

Once there, continue the march towards B while the Banana players smoke CT Side to prevent anyone playing New Box from getting vision into CT Spawn. Have the three players push through Construction/Church while the Banana guys do their usual pushing. With a little luck and some good shooting, you should have the site.

We hope these strategies will help you out in your quest for Global Elite or more FaceIt ELO. Join us next time for some delightful Mirage strats.

6 Awesome Inferno T-Side Strats
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