CS:GO: 5 Most Unique AWP Skins In The Game

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CS:GO: 5 Most Unique AWP Skins In The Game

These CS:GO skins are in a class of their own.

While the Counter-Strike market is flooded with AWP skins, we see some which stand alone from the crowd. While most of these skins are on the expensive side, price doesn’t matter in this case. Unique patterns, special effects and overall aesthetics are much more relevant to some players. Let us have a look at five AWP skins which are unique.

AWP Boom

AWP Boom Skin from CS:GO


AWP Boom has a bright yet simple look to it. The body of the AWP has “BOOM” and “CRACK” printed on it. One of the unique things about this skin is that each skin offers different placement for the printed word. While the Factory New skin will cost you around $241, a Minimal Wear one is much cheaper at $65.

AWP Oni Taiji

AWP Oni Taiji Skin from CS:GO

Coming from the Operation Hydra Collection, Oni Taiji has a Japanese theme to it. The skin features a Samurai fighting a forest fire. Oni Taiji’s color scheme is exceptional and so is its price on the Steam market. The Factory New version of this skin starts at around $372, while the Minimal wear will fetch you $288.

AWP Wildfire

AWP Wildfire Skin

The AWP Wildfire is a fancy-looking skin coming from The CS20 Collection. It has a Chinese Dragon made of fire running from the tail to the middle portion of the AWP. The fire yellow color along with smooth paint finish on the rest of the AWP looks amazing. The AWP Wildfire will cost you around $115 for Factory New version and $75 for the Minimal Wear. There is little difference between both the wears, so players can buy the latter too.

AWP Graphite

AWP Graphite Skin

One of the unique skins in the game, AWP Graphite is really for the classic loving crowd. Coming from The Bravo Collection, Graphite has black mosaic-like texture on the whole body of the AWP. The texture shines when in contact with light. A simple but effective design which doesn’t get boring with time. The AWP Graphite Factory New is around $166 and the Minimal Wear will cost around $158. It is better to buy the Factory New as it costs just a tad bit more.

AWP Gungnir

AWP Gungnir Skin

Enter the king of AWP skins. AWP Gungnir is one of the few skins which has fluorescent and pearlescent effects on it. This makes the skin shine in light and give off different shades of colors when the sun reflects off it. Featured in The Norse Collection, Gungnir has no listings on Steam Market. The skin has an absurdly high price tag on it, with the Minimal Wear costing around $9,500 on third party markets. The Factory New version of this skin is unavailable. However, there are auctions of Gungnir on the Steam market with a much lower price tag.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the other unique looking skins are AWP Containment Breach, Fade, Exoskeleton, which we also included in our budget skins list. There are other skins which may look unique to people depending on preference. However, we have tried covering most of them.

Disclaimer: Price of skins are subject to change.

Feature Image: Valve

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