CS:GO: Top 5 Budget Skins Which Look Expensive

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CS:GO: Top 5 Budget Skins Which Look Expensive

Some CS:GO skins are way less in value than what they should be. These skins are highly likely to be a great addition to anyone's inventory.

CS:GO has a lot of skins in the market and most of them have increased in value by quite a lot. There are skins which hold a hefty price tag and most players can’t think of buying them. However, we come across some skins which look cool in their visual appeal and have an acceptable price in the market. Here are top five such skins which will enhance your inventory without breaking the bank:

AWP Exoskeleton

AWP Exoskeleton Skin CS:GO

AWP skins are always high in demand and that makes the skins a lot more expensive than they really should be. However, the Exoskeleton is different. A factory new float Exoskeleton will cost you about $5, which is an insane deal considering how the skin looks. Not only does the Exoskeleton have intricate details, it adds a pearlescent effect to the body of the AWP. The color of the skin changes depending on the angle of light dropping on it.

SSG 08 Parallax

SSG-08 Parallax Skin CS:GO

From the collection of Operation Broken Fang, the SSG 08 Parallax is an eye-catching skin. The best part about the skin is its low price — around $3 for a factory new one. The color combination and positioning of patterns on the skin make it look unique and that’s what stands out about SSG 08 Parallax.

M4A4 Cyber Security

M4A4 Cyber Security Skin CS:GO

The M4A4 Cyber Security is one of the flashiest skins in CS:GO. It is from Operation Broken Fang, which has a lot of other great skins as well. Cyber Security will cost you around $17, which is not a lot considering the visual aesthetics of this skin. It is a guarantee attention grabber in-game and will fetch you a few compliments if you play well that is.

M4A1-S Player Two

M4A1-S Player Two Skin

A Mega Man Battle Network themed skin with lots of cartoon-like vibes going for it. The M4A1-S Player Two is fresh and colorful. It will definitely become the eye candy in your inventory. The skin costs $98 for factory new, but you can also look to get a good float Field-Tested one for a much cheaper rate of $30. Whichever you buy, the skin will still look like a much more expensive one than its actual price.

AK-47 Phantom Disruptor

AK-47 Phantom Disruptor Skin

The AK-47 Phantom Disruptor is one bad boy which sells for much less than what it should. It features multiple monsters laid out to create a striking, amorphous pattern. The Phantom Disruptor is a must have for anyone looking to upgrade their inventory with fancy skins rather than the classic dull ones. The best part about this skin is that a factory new costs you about $12. Other floats also look quite good and cost much less than the factory new one.

Honorable Mentions

Skins are one of the most personal choices players make so it is based on preference. Here are a few skins which also look great and don’t cost a fortune. The MP9 Food Chain, AK-47 Slate, Galil Chromatic Aberration and M4A1-S Decimator.

Disclaimer: Price of skins are subject to change depending on the steam market.

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