CS2 Skins – What’s The Situation A Few Days After the Game’s Arrival

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CS2 Skins – What’s The Situation A Few Days After the Game’s Arrival

Let’s learn more about the CS2 skins and what’s the situation like a few days after Valve’s newest game became available.

We know that Counter-Strike 2 would introduce a lot of new things about the game we love. Besides the new smoke and many other things, there are also changes to the CS2 skin. People who had the chance to play in the beta or have seen others playing probably remember that Valve changed some of the skins to look brighter. We are yet to see the new Counter-Strike 2 skins in action, but the game’s arrival already has a big impact on the market as we know it.

CS2 skins – What’s new?

One of the things that has changed after CS2 arrived is related to the price of existing skins. Even though we expected that some of the older CS2 skins would become more expensive, the reality was different. Instead of requiring us to spend a lot of money, some skins became much cheaper, no matter if we go to the Steam Market or check any of the third-party skin sites.

For example, we can take a  look at things such as the Glock-18 Gamma Doppler, which was around $860 before the arrival of CS2. However, once the CS2 skins became available, the same item now costs around $600, which is a pretty significant drop. There are a lot of different examples that prove that the CS2 skins are now much cheaper than they were before the new game.

What’s going to happen with the CS2 skins in the future?

Even though the prices of most CS2 skins are much lower than before, we think that this will be temporary. Considering that the new engine made some skins a lot better than before, we also expect to see tons of new Counter-Strike 2 skins that will be available soon. In other words, we expect the market to normalize in the next couple of months. Make sure to follow us for the latest CS2 updates if you want to know more.

CS2 Skins – What’s The Situation A Few Days After the Game’s Arrival
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