CS2 Rank System Overview – Competitive & Premier Mode Ranks

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CS2 Rank System Overview – Competitive & Premier Mode Ranks

Learning more information about the CS2 rank system is incredibly important before you start playing, so let’s go through everything.

The arrival of Counter-Strike 2 changed a lot of things about our favorite game. However, when it comes down to the different modes, it seems like Valve pays a lot of attention to the Premier Mode. The latter is not new, but the CS2 rank system is slightly different from before because it uses numbers (MMR), similar to Dota 2. Even though there are similarities between the CS2 ranks and CSGO ranks, there are so many differences, so let’s learn more about both.

CS2 Rank System

When it comes down to the CS2 ranking system, the important thing everyone should know is that there are two different types of ranks. First, you have the competitive rank, which is available once you start playing in the competitive mode. After that, you have the new CS rating, which is only accessible in the Premier Mode. The main difference is that the competitive mode will result in the same ranks as before, whereas the Premier Mode replaces the old rank with numbers (MMR).

CS2 Competitive Ranks

If you decide to play in the competitive mode, you will have the chance to select which map you want to play on. This differs from the Premier Mode, which is based on the ban and pick system, similar to the CM mode in Dota 2. The benefit of the latter is that you can select maps you’re not so good at and avoid using them.

There are some benefits to the new CS2 rank system, such as the fact that players have a specific rank for each map. The idea behind these changes was to “fight” against people who only played one map to reach their desired rank. In other words, in CS2, you can be a Global Elite on things like Dust 2 and a Gold Nova 3 on Inferno or a different map. 

The idea behind those CS2 ranking changes is to make everyone more competitive. Players who are only focusing on a given map will have a harder time playing because they will go up against opponents who are also really good at it. This will ensure you will have a much better experience when using the CS2 competitive mode. 

In terms of the ranks, they are the same as before. However, some of you probably haven’t played in a while, so here is a list of all CS2 competitive mode ranks:

  • Silver 1-4 
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova 1-3
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian 1-2
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • Global Elite

CS2 Premier Mode Rating

Even though a lot of players are more interested in the CS2 Rank system regarding the Competitive Ranks, others want to know more about the CS2 Premier Mode. Considering that Valve pays more attention to it, more and more people are becoming more intrigued in it.

As mentioned, the CS2 Premier Mode ranking system is different than the other one. Here, you don’t get to choose which map you play. Instead, there is a pick-and-ban system that will remove some maps from the pool. The idea here is for the best CS2 players to have the same experience as professionals. Furthermore, it should provide a better overall experience because this system prevents stacks from “abusing” the same map and reaching the highest possible ranks.

In order to get any CS2 competitive rating, you need to win 10 matches first. Depending on your results and performance, the platform will assign you a rating that can reach up to 35000 (this is the current cap). Once you get the rating, you can see how you stack up against your friends and people from your region.

Similar to the Dota 2 ranking system, every game, whether you win or lose, will have an effect on this rating. Losing will remove the rating, whereas winning will add it. 

When talking about the CS2 rank system, a lot of people want to know if their CS2 Premier Mode rank corresponds to the original CSGO rank. Although we do not have an official statement yet, some players have discovered that it does:

  • People with up to 1999 rating are in the Silver bracket.
  • Securing between 2k and 5999 CS rating means you are in the Gold Nova.
  • Getting between 6000 and 8999 CS rating is the Master Guardian bracket.
  • If you obtain a 9000-12000 rate, you are in the DMG and LEM ranks.
  • Supreme players need to have 13k+, and those who have 15k+ will be the Global Elite.

It is worth knowing that these numbers may receive changes because the CS2 Premier Mode ranking system is new. So, make sure you follow the latest CS2 updates to keep up with everything new. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between the CS2 Premier Mode and CS2 Competitive Ranks?

Yes, there is a difference between the two because the first one uses numbers, whereas the second one uses the CSGO ranks.

Can I get a CS2 Premier Mode rank if I win 5 games?
No, you will not receive any rating in the CS2 Premier Mode until you win at least 10 matches. Keep in mind that losses are not included.

Is it possible to “farm” rating win the CS2 rank system in Premier Mode with a 4-man stack?

No, Valve does not allow you to queue up as a 4-man stack because the one player that has be in your team could receive reports. This was a possibility in Dota 2 before, but Valve decided to remove it.

CS2 Rank System Overview – Competitive & Premier Mode Ranks
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