CS2 Update Blog October 26

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CS2 Update Blog October 26

Let’s learn more about the CS2 Update Blog from October 26 and see everything new. The CS2 update today features important changes.

Counter-Strike 2 arrived almost one month ago, and Valve has been releasing all sorts of updates ever since. The goal is to make the game as enjoyable as possible, which is one of the reasons why the CS2 update today is so important. There are a lot of new things we need to talk about, so let’s dive in. Don’t forget to check the Thunderpick World Championship 2023 overview because some of the best CS2 teams in the world will start playing really soon.

CS2 Update Blog – October 26

Following the small changes from a few days ago, the CS2 update today features a lot of bug fixes and tweaks for some of the game’s most popular maps. There are a lot of things we need to talk about, so let’s dive in.


When talking about the CS2 update blog, here’s what’s new about Inferno:

  • The bomb will be more visible when it is planted in the fountain on the B side.
  • The grenade bounce behavior now works better when it is thrown on the roof.
  • A part of the railing on the balcony has been removed.
  • The garage door on the A bombsite has been adjusted.
  • A lightning bux related to the Inferno workshop map is bugged.
  • There have been good overall clipping and movement polish.

CS2 Update Today – Overpass

Even though Overpass did not get as many changes as Inferno, there are a few important things to remember:

  • There have been changes to the textures and models to improve the player readability
  • The lighting in certain areas of the map has been improved
  • Grenade clipping in some areas is now improved.


Nuke is one of the maps that received a lot of changes in the CS2 update blog, so here is what’s new:

  • Fixed grenade bounces
  • Certain areas of the map are improved
  • Fixed some of the problems related to shadows, giving away player position when near the doorway.
  • Hole fixes

Dust 2

Dust 2 only has one change, and it is related to the micro-cracks in crate models.


Unlike Dust 2, the CS2 Update Blog includes tons of new things related to Anubis.

  • Grenade clipping adjustments around the B side
  • Fixed map issues related to dropping weapons, collisions, and more
  • Fixed areas where players could stack
  • Lightmap issues around CT spawn are fixed
  • Clipping/movement polish changes


Another thing affected by the CS2 update today is Office:

  • Player readability at CT spawn around the swat van has been improved
  • The motion in the vending machine has been disabled.
  • Fixed gaps and lightning artifacts


The CS2 update log for October 26 includes the following:

  • The steel beams no longer have incorrect surfaces properly
  • The ladder collision where it blocked bullets and grenades are fixed


Mirage got an overall clipping/movement polish, and the issues with bullet penetration have been fixed.


The last map that received changes in the CS2 update blog is Ancient:

  • Fog adjustments now improve player readability
  • Micro cracks and multiple holes on the map have been fixed.
  • The donut area has visible changes
  • Bullet penetration and material properties on some tarp models have been fixed.

Misc changes

The last things that are new in the CS2 update today include:

  • Cases where weapons could fall off the map have been fixed.
  • The bug where the Molotov same damage appeared as a team damage has been fixed.
  • HE grenades and muzzle flashes now have improved effects
  • Other changes
CS2 Update Blog October 26
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