CS2 Patch Notes – The Workshop Is Back

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CS2 Patch Notes – The Workshop Is Back

Let’s learn more about the CS2 update vlog. Click to learn more information about the latest CS2 changes.

Counter-Strike 2 continues to receive new updates after it became available more than one month ago. Valve releases new CS2 patchnotes every couple of days because it tries to get rid of all bugs and problems. This is an interesting approach, and it seems like it helps because the game is becoming more and more appealing.

The most recent CS2 Update today brings a couple of interesting changes to a variety of departments. We know it is important for users to learn more about everything, which is why it is time to reveal everything new.

CS2 Patch Notes

As mentioned, the CS2 patch notes include several different changes across a couple of categories. We’ll start with the first one and cover the rest.


When it comes down to workshop changes, the CS2 update vlog includes a few important things:

  • You can now upload CS2 maps to the workshop
  • Community servers have the option to host workshop maps
  • Changes to the Item Editor help system
  • Update to different workshop tools.


When talking about the CS2 update today, there are also a few important gameplay changes:

  • The bug where a given gun could fire faster than anticipated has been fixed.
  • The situation where you could see several gunshots despite shooting only one has been fixed.
  • Decoy grenades will now interact aesthetically with the smoke clouds
  • Fixed several bugs related to weapons.
  • The smoke grenades will have a minimum fuse duration
  • When using your knife, it will prioritize enemy units even if you are close to allies


The CS2 patchnotes also include some information bout server changes:

  • Sv_maxuptimelimit is now added
  • Fixed different bugs
  • The game added the server startup timing log details


When it comes down to map changes, the CS2 update today only includes a few new things about Inferno. Now, the disappearing meshes in skybox is fixed, and the birds that got mistaken for grenades are no longer available.


The final part of the CS2 Patch Notes article is about the different misc changes. There are a few important aspects to know:

  • Stickers now have better rendering
  • You can now see the wins and wins-needed in the Competitive Play Menu map titles
  • Fixed bugs in the HUUD, skins, stickers, inspection UI, and more
  • Other changes
CS2 Patch Notes – The Workshop Is Back
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