CS2 Guide for Overwatch Players

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CS2 Guide for Overwatch Players

The CS2 guide for Overwatch players will help them learn everything about one of the best shooters of all time. Let’s begin.

Counter-Strike is one of those games that almost everyone has heard of. However, since there are loads of new and amazing titles that came out in the last couple of years, some players haven’t had the chance to play yet. Overwatch 2 is one of those titles and a lot of people from OW2 want to give CS2 a go.

If you are among them, this CS2 guide for Overwatch players will reveal everything you have to know about the game. We will try to compare both titles side by side and show you everything you must be aware of.

CS2 vs Overwatch 2 – Basics

Even though Valorant is much closer to CS2 than Overwatch, the latter has its similarities. Besides the Overwatch players meme you can find online, the two games are first-person shooters. However, OW2 has a lot of specifics that need to be present in CS2 and vice versa.


Starting with the first thing we have to talk about in this CS2 guide we have the maps. In Overwatch 2, players can’t choose the maps they want to play when queuing for a competitive or a friendly match. Instead, the system picks a random map from the pool for the given season.

Well, this is not the case in CS2. If you read any CS2 guide for beginners, you will see that you have free access to all maps offered by the game. The only big restrictions here are related to the maps’ specifics because some of them are not available in certain modes.

Another important fact we want to address in this CS2 guide for Overwatch players is that the Maps in OW2

 are much different than those in CS2. The maps in Blizzard’s game have different objectives, and people need to adhere to them to win. In CS2, the maps have bombsites, and your job is to win the round.

Speaking of rounds, this is another difference in Overwatch 2. The maps there also have rounds, but they are usually 10 minutes long, whereas in CS2, they are 1 minute and 55 seconds.

CS2 vs Overwatch 2 – The Mechanics

Another key element we must address in the CS2 guide for Overwatch players is the mechanics. While the CS2 movement is fast, generally speaking, Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced game. However, this depends a lot on the heroes because names like Genji offer a faster playstyle than heroes like Widowmaker.

One of the things that Overwatch players will notice in CS2 is that they can boost themselves. Once that happens, you will not be pushed down like in Overwatch 2, which means you can surprise your enemies from multiple angles.


CS2 Guide for Overwatch Players

When talking about the CS2 guns and the weapons used in Overwatch 2, there are many differences you need to know. The first thing we wish to address in this CS2 guide for Overwatch players is that in CS2, every player can purchase a gun at the beginning of the round. Also, players can pick up weapons from the ground. Needless to say, this is not the case in Overwatch 2, where every hero has his unique weapon, and it can’t be swapped.

Another thing to point out about CS2 is that the CT and T sides can access slightly different weapons. For example, Ts can get the AK-47, whereas CTs can buy an M4A4. The latter is similar to Soldier: 76’s gun in Overwatch.

CS2 also has a sniper rifle called the AWP, which is the equivalent of Windowmaker’s gun. However, the AWP does not have a charge mechanic, meaning it does not do more damage when you hold the scope. Also, the weapon secures an instant kill if you land a direct body shot.


Something you should remember is that in CS2, there are no roles. Overwatch 2 players have to choose whether to be a DPS, Support, or Tank, and each role has its specifics. CS2 is very different in this regard because none of the units has any specific role and/or abilities. 

Nevertheless, there are different in-game positions that players are assigned. This can often include a team leader, an entry fragger, a lurker, and support.

CS2 Guide for Overwatch Players – Abilities vs Nades

Whether you check the Overwatch players online now or you just start playing, you will not find any grenades. Instead, every hero has unique abilities that offer some kind of utility and/or do extra damage.

In CS2, you do not get that. Every CS2 guide will show you that players have different roles, but none of these roles have any abilities. Instead, CS2 players can use grenades, flashes, smokes and Molotovs.
Even though using those things seems easy, in reality, this is one of the things that makes CS2 one of the shooters with the highest skill cap. Every CS2 FPS guide will provide some tips about how to use the Nades, but the nades for every map are different, and this article will be shorter if we start addressing them.

CS2 vs Overwatch 2 Economy

Something that Overwatch players will be shocked by when they first enter CS2 is related to the economy. In Overwatch, there is no economy because heroes don’t need to buy anything. However, CS2 is very different.

The CT and T teams get a different amount of money every round, depending on who won the last one. Also, in CS2, there is a pistol round at the beginning of each game, which is not the case in Overwatch, where players can access everything from the get-go.

CS2 skins vs Overwatch 2 Skins

The last important thing we must address in this CS2 guide for Overwatch players is the skins. There are a lot of differences between the two, and it is safe to say that the CS2 skins are way more advanced. In fact, they are one of the big reasons why this game continues to be so popular.

In CS2, you can have skins for all weapons, gloves, and different models. In Overwatch 2, however, have skins for your hero, some of which also change the weapon’s look. The game is yet to allow players the option to view their weapon as in CS2, but this will happen soon.

Another big difference between the skins in CS2 and those in Overwatch 2 is that there is no aftermarket for those in OW2. This is huge in Counter-Strike 2 and is one of the reasons why the game is so big. Some of the most popular skins can reach millions of dollars. 


Following this CS2 guide for Overwatch players, it’s safe to say there are more differences than similarities between the two. We believe both games offer a slightly different experience, so the best thing you can do is experience both options.

CS2 Guide for Overwatch Players
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