CS2 Case Opening Guide – How to Open Cases In CS2, Understanding Them & More

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CS2 Case Opening Guide – How to Open Cases In CS2, Understanding Them & More

This CS2 case opening guide will show you everything you have to know about how to open cases in CS2.

Whether you are a casual CS2 fan or have been playing the game for years, you know the importance of the CS2 cases. If you are like me, you get a huge adrenaline rush when it is time to unlock a given case and see what’s inside it.

I know that opening cases in CS2 is not that difficult, but I also know that many people do not know the best cases to open in CS2.So, it’s time to take a look at everything you should know.

CS2 Case Opening Guide – Basics

Before learning to open cases in CS2, I want to clarify a few things. First, when talking cases, those things are basically containers that you can unlock using a key. The cases can contain different items but usually include weapon skins, stickers, music kit boxes, graffiti, etc.

Old-school CSGO players probably remember that the cases became available in 2013 when they arrived with the Arms Deal Update. After that, we saw more than 40 cases, and each one contained different skins and may even have special items. In fact, I reported recently that a player discovered a $1M CS2 skin 10 years after its addition to the game. 

CS2 Case Classifications and Names

Before taking a look at some of the best cases to open in CS2, I need to point out that the cases have different classifications:

  • Prime
  • Rare
  • Discontinued

The first type is available to CS2 prime users, and they can also get rare cases from a random drop while playing. These players can also get some of the big prime cases like Dreams & Nightmares, Snakebite, and more.

The cases that fall into the discontinued category were released alongside specific operations. The list includes Operating Broken Fang, Operation Riptide, and more. There are other types of discontinued cases as well, and you can’t obtain them in-game anymore. In other words, the only way to access them is by purchasing them from third-party sites or the Steam Community Markets

Types of Cases

Besides the qualifications, we need to mention the types of cases in the CS2 case opening guide. This includes:

  • Weapon Cases – As their name suggests, this contains a weapon skin that people can use to customize the appearance of a given weapon. In terms of the rarity, you can expect to find everything from standard to extremely rare.
  •  Sticker Cases – These CS2 cases have a sticker that users can add to their weapons to make them stand out.
  • Souvenir packs – These cases in CS2 are rare, and they are only available when there are CS2 tournaments. What’s special about them is that they will disappear after the event is over and they usually have unique stickers.
  • Graffiti Cases – As their name suggests, these cases have graffiti that players can use to mark walls.

How to Open Cases in CS2

After we’ve covered some of the best cases to open in CS2, it’s time for the CS2 case opening guide to show you how to open them. Here is how the process works:

  • First, you need to get the case you want.
  • Next, you must purchase a key for the specific case. The key can be found on the Steam Community Market or third-party sites.
  • Once you have the key, open your Arsenal in-game, and select the case you wish to open. After the animation is over, you will see the skin you will get.

In terms of what you will get, my experience shows me that you need to be very lucky to get a random item. In theory, you may get the rarest item from the case on the first go. In fact, many people get lucky and end up with nice-looking kife skin. However, the odds are definitely not in your favor, at least according to Valve’s data.

What I found in 2017 was that the chance of obtaining the rarest cs2 case drops is 0.26%. Also, there is no confirmation that opening more cases in a row increases your chances of getting a rare item. This is good and bad at the same time because people who really want to get a specific CS2 skin may need to open tons of cases before they get lucky.

Opening CS2 Cases – Tips & Tricks

Something I wish to share in this CS2 case opening guide is that you can’t open any cases if you do not have a key. You may find websites that advertise such services, but be very careful when using them. I have personally analyzed several companies, and I decided not to use their services.

There are certain things you may come across while looking for the best roi case CS2, such as a simulator, where eyou can open different cases. While this can be fun because you can put your luck to the test, it’s worth knowing that you will not receive the items you will get. In other words, The CS2 Case Opening Simulator is something that you can just use to see how the process works before you decide to spend real money. 

CS2 Case Chances – Is it Worth It?

While doing this CS2 case opening guide, I wondered how to answer this question because the answer depends on your person. If you are someone who does not want to spend tons of money on specific skins and wants to rely on RNG, opening cases is the way to go. You may have to spend a lot of money on them and their keys, or you could get lucky and get a $100k skin with $2. 

On the other hand, some people do not find opening CS2 cases fun. Some want to know how to get cases in CS2 for free, and once they find out that this is not possible, they decide to get the skin they want. 

Overall, I believe that the cases are fun. Once you learn how to get cases in CS2 Reddit or you find other ways, you can decide whether this is something you like.


How to get cases in CS2 for free?

To get cases in CS2 for free, you must win them by playing. 

Which is the best ROI case in CS2?

The Operation Wildfire Case is readily regarded as one of the best CS2 ROI cases.

Can You open a CS2 case without using keys?

Yes, you can open a CS2 case without using keys, but only if you decide to use some of the simulators. This is not possible in-game because the only way to check what’s inside the case is if you get a key.

What can you find inside a CS2 case?

A CS2 case can contain gloves, stickers, weapon designs, knives, and more. All of them are cosmetic, meaning you will not get any in-game advantage, such as doing more damage.

CS2 Case Opening Guide – How to Open Cases In CS2, Understanding Them & More
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