Counter-Strike 2: Best AWP Skins

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Counter-Strike 2: Best AWP Skins

Here are the best AWP skins for CS 2.

Despite the fact that Counter-Strike 2 is still in beta, one of the most anticipated games of the year will arrive soon. Unsurprisingly, players are hyped about it and want to learn as much information as possible. There are many things that will be better in CS2 compared to CSGO, and the skins are one of them.

There is no arguing that players love CSGO skins and they are one of the things that make this game so popular. Some players have spent thousands of dollars over the years, so they were thrilled to learn that Valve will transfer the skins from CSGO to CS2. Even though we’re yet to see which will be the CS2 AWP skins, the old ones will be available, and some of them look even better. So, let’s go through them.

AWP Exoskeleton

Regarding CS2 AWP skins that will be interesting to use, the Exokelton is one of them. This thing looks as if it’s from the Alien vs Predator movie, which is why it had loads of fans in CSGO. Needless to say, many people will keep using it in Counter-Strike 2 because the skin looks pretty good.

Speaking of this skin, you can compare it with some of the best CS2 knife skins out there to get an even better combination. Just remember that this option can go up in value in the future.

AWP Fever Dream

The second CSGO AWP skin that will be available in CS2 and attract many people is the Fever Dream. The latter is definitely one of the more unique-looking options on the market because of the graffiti. It’s not something that everyone will like, but those looking for a unique CS2 AWP skin will be happy with what’s available.

In terms of how much it costs, this skin starts at around $18. However, it can often reach more than that, depending on what else it has to offer. We’re not sure yet what will happen with the prize of some skins once Counter-Strike 2 becomes available. However, one thing is certain, most people do not think that they will go down in value.

AWP Chromatic Aberration

While discussing unique-looking CS2 skins, we need to add the AWP Chromatic Berration. This skin features purple, grey, and white that are mixed together. The gun also has some cool artwork all over it, which allows it to stand out.

What’s interesting about this skin is its price, which is around $73. However, it is one of the rarest options on the list, so it may increase in value. Courtesy of the new Counter-Strike 2 engine, this skin looks even more appealing in the new game.  Keep in mind this item is often involved in skin gambling, so you may find it online.

AWP Redline

Everyone knows that the CSGO AWP skin Redline is one of the most desired options in the game. In fact, all Redline skins are pretty rare, and people like using them because of their minimalistic look. This is not an option for someone that wants to be flashy because it focuses on those who want to have a sinister-looking AWP.

Since this CS2 AWP skin does not have any special artwork, it won’t look that much better in the newer game. Nevertheless, the skin is a bit brighter, so the red and black colors will pop up even more.

AWP Duality

Speaking of the best CS 2 skins you can get for the AWP, Duality is probably one of the first names that come to mind. Albeit not as crazy as some of the cheaper options on the list, Duality is a skin that will work for many people. Therefore, you can often find it while playing with friends.

The AWP Duality CS2 skin is an item that starts at around $90. Like many other options for the AWP, this one has experienced a lot of changes in its price in the last couple of months. Although it has gone up, we wouldn’t be surprised if the item becomes cheaper once Valve decides to release the first exclusive skins for CS2.


If you are looking for a unique Coutner-Strike 2 skin that will make your AWP stand out, the Pink DDPAT is probably one of the first options to go to. While it’s true that this skin will make your weapon feel like it’s from Minecraft, it is unique. 

The skin features an interesting pixelated graphic that includes pink, brown, and grey. Courtesy of the new engine and color schemes, this CS2 AWP skin looks a lot better on the newer game. Sadly, you have to pay a hefty price to get your hands on it because this skin starts at around $175, which is pretty high.

AWP Containment Breach

The next unique-looking CSGO AWP skin available on Valve’s most recent game takes things to another level. It has a unique green color combo that also features different kinds of feral beasts all over it. It’s safe to say that the AWP Containment Breach skin is one of the unique options you can get, but the bad news is its price. Starting at around $720, this isn’t a skin that everyone can afford. 

AWP Medusa

The last AWP CS2 skin that you can get if you want to stand out in the new game is the Medusa. Everyone knows that the latter is one of the most legendary and sought-after items in CSGO, and this will be the case in CS 2. This item features a wide variety of blue colors and the face of Medusa, one of the most popular mythical creatures.

The only downside of this skin is its price, which can often reach more than $6300. Unsurprisingly, this is an insane amount of money for an in-game skin so only a few players can afford it. 

Counter-Strike 2: Best AWP Skins
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