Counter-Strike 2 Introducing CS Rating Feature

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Counter-Strike 2 Introducing CS Rating Feature

Valve has released a new Counter-Strike 2 feature that allows players to see exactly how they stack up compared to the competition.

Players who compete in Counter-Strike 2 Premier will start to see their precise CS Rating. Based on your overall performance throughout matches, your CS Rating will determine your Regional and World rankings on the leaderboards.

Competitive Skill Groups in Counter-Strike 2 will have a per-map basis Global Elite ranking system and Skill Groups, further balancing matchmaking. The system allows players to pinpoint their map weaknesses and master their favorites. 

Limited Test

Beginning today, Valve is inviting numerous qualified players to the Limited Test. Players who wish to qualify for the Limited Test must have CS:GO Prime Status and an active Competitive Skill Group. You will also need to compete in most of the official matchmaking games in your region. 

Counter-Strike 2 is ramping up its' efforts on becoming the best Counter-Strike experience in franchise history. With this new and improved ranking system, it's on its way to achieving that feat.  


Counter-Strike 2 Introducing CS Rating Feature
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