Complexity Enters Halo Infinite, Signs Triggers Down Roster

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Complexity Enters Halo Infinite, Signs Triggers Down Roster

Complexity reveals its Halo Infinite team heading into HCS Raleigh.

North American esports organization Complexity committed to competitive Halo yesterday, signing the roster formerly known as “Triggers Down.” It should come as no surprise; Halo Infinite had drawn interest from several established gaming brands since its release last month. Other organizations have made efforts to sign complete rosters following the first stretch or Halo Championship Series (HCS) tournaments.

Complexity chose to acquire the squad consisting of James “TritoN” Bolling, Jacob “Hysteria” Reiser, Justin “Hunter Jjx” Joseph and Robert “Rob The Turtle” O’Connor. The organization’s decision occurred mere hours before Halo Infinite’s first major LAN competition. Complexity’s new roster looks to make a splash in a sea of 272 teams at HCS Raleigh.

Complexity Halo Announcement

The Dallas Cowboys-partnered esports brand unexpectedly revealed its Halo roster yesterday ahead of the Raleigh competition. Complexity posted a video on Twitter welcoming the entire Triggers Down team. While Halo Infinite loses a nostalgic team name from the Halo 3 days, it gains a force in esports. It’s a sight to see; not many expected Complexity to field a Halo team. The North American brand had minimal involvement in Halo’s competitive scene.

However, the HCS established Halo Infinite before it even arrived in players’ hands, partnering with top-tier esports organizations, creating a healthy ecosystem and revealing a detailed roadmap of events. These factors helped contribute to historical viewership and participation in the season’s first wave of online tournaments.

What Lies Ahead for Complexity

Complexity’s new roster formed in November and played in three tournaments ahead of HCS Raleigh. Hysteria, Hunter Jjx, Rob The Turtle and TritoN managed two back-to-back top-16 and a top-eight result thus far. Led by Coach Zack “SeeSaw” Morris and veteran Hysteria, Complexity will appear in Raleigh’s Open Bracket.

They’ll need another top-16 finish to reach the Championship Bracket. All four players have competed in Halo for some time dating back to Halo 5 Guardians, making them one of the favorites to advance out of the Open Bracket. We’ll have to see how they stack up against those in their path. However, regardless of the outcome, Complexity’s involvement in Halo Infinite is a significant moment.

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