Collegiate Valorant Levels Up With Redbull Campus Clutch

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Collegiate Valorant Levels Up With Redbull Campus Clutch

Redbull Campus Clutch is the first global Collegiate Valorant competition kicking off in February across 50 countries.

In another effort to keep Valorant relevant and accessible, Riot has teamed up with Redbull Gaming for one of the largest collegiate esports competitions to date. Not only has Valorant had booming growth in its esports scene, but it also broke records on Twitch bypassing its competitor CS:GO by over 100 million hours watched. The burgeoning title has amassed a dedicated following so far. And now is the time for young stars to have their chance to shine. There are three components to Redbull Campus Clutch, the Qualifiers, National Finals, and World Finals.

Qualifiers will take place from February until the end of May. They will be structured to find the best teams in each country. The United Kingdom, France, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, and more will all receive love and earn their time in the spotlight to find the top dogs. Following the Qualifiers, National Finals will kick off, pitting the top teams of each country against each other. The National Finalists then move on to the World Finals. Here they can earn €20,000 and the title of best collegiate Valorant team in the World. The winners of the World Finals will not only earn prize money. They'll also receive a once in a lifetime invite to the upcoming Valorant Masters event. Here, the best players will be fighting for seeding in the 2021 Champions Tour.

Most professional esports players are under the age of 25, and this tournament is a chance for collegiate gamers to show their stuff to potential organizations. Teams of five players can sign up here and must be enrolled in a university at one of the 50 countries included.

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