Cloud9 Player Complains About Copenhagen Major Stickers

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Cloud9 Player Complains About Copenhagen Major Stickers

A Cloud9 player claims that Valve did not consider him for the upcoming batch of Copenhagen stickers

The Counter-Strike community is buzzing with anticipation just two days before the historic Copenhagen Major, the first CS2 Major ever. However, a major detail remains conspicuously absent: the official Copenhagen Major stickers. Leaks have offered a tantalizing preview of the cosmetic items, but Valve has been radio silent on their official release. This information blackout has the Counter-Strike community in a frenzy, with a Cloud9 player adding fuel to the fire by revealing he hasn't been assigned an official Copenhagen Major player sticker from Valve.

Cloud9 Player Makes Astonishing Copenhagen Major Stickers Claim

Cloud9 Player Complains About Copenhagen Major Stickers

Credit: Cloud9

Cloud9's prominent Counter-Strike talent, Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy, recently aired his grievances regarding Valve and PGL. In a candid statement on Telegram, he disclosed his disappointment over the apparent exclusion of his sticker from the official Copenhagen Major stickers collection. It’s important to note, however, that there's a lack of definitive evidence to substantiate this claim right now.

The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 stickers haven't been released for purchase yet, but players can already see them in the CS2 client, thanks to the Viewer Pass update. This suggests the stickers are likely in the game but not activated. However, Cloud9's Perfecto appears to be missing his own player sticker. There have been instances in the past where sticker designs weren't approved, with a previous Major's sticker used instead.

Valve tightened up the sticker submission rules for the Copenhagen Major. Submissions with elaborate graphics, commercial fonts, or work done by professional artists were rejected. This resulted in players like Hobbit, Boombl4, and Rain having their initial designs turned down.

Autographs and team stickers are a significant source of income for professional Counter-Strike teams. According to a report by, teams at the BLAST Paris Major each earned an average of $3.5 million from sticker sales alone. This staggering sum translates to a total revenue of around $110 million for the event, easily eclipsing most esports prize pools.

Cloud9 Player Complains About Copenhagen Major Stickers
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