Copenhagen Major Stickers Leaked?

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Copenhagen Major Stickers Leaked?

Thanks to the vigilant eyes of a renowned Counter-Strike dataminer, we now have an early look at the Copenhagen Major Stickers 

Counter-Strike dataminer Maksim “Gabe Follower” Poletayev discovered unreleased Copenhagen Major stickers within Counter-Strike 2 game files. He shared examples featuring autographs from professional players Danil “donk” Kryshkovets and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, but it's unclear if the backgroundless design is final.

Copenhagen Major Stickers Leaked

With the Copenhagen Major stickers yet to be officially released (at the time of writing), fans are eager for any details about the designs. Luckily, a resourceful Counter-Strike content creator known as Envy on platform X has created a comprehensive Google Doc offering a sneak peek at the upcoming sticker capsule.

There have been numerous allegedly leaked Copenhagen Major stickers circulating on social media for several days, but most of them appear dubious. For instance, a Vitality sticker that has been making the rounds features an outdated logo of the organization. Several fake logos have been circulating online, but the recent claims by Envy and Gabe Follower seem legitimate.

Copenhagen Major Stickers Leaked?
Credit: Gabe Follower on X

Gabe Follower pointed out that the stickers lack a background. It remains uncertain whether this design is final or if adjustments will be made. Since the official release of the stickers is yet to be announced, it’s possible that these designs will receive further modifications. 

With just three days until the Copenhagen Major kicks off, Valve hasn't provided a specific release date for the stickers. While the Viewer Pass mentions they're “coming soon,” last year's Major content arrived in a single update three days before the tournament. This suggests the stickers could drop anytime now.

The Viewer Pass for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 can now be acquired for $10 within the game. Valve has expanded the accessibility of the Pick'Em challenge to all players with Prime status. That said, you still require the Viewer Pass to unlock souvenir packages and challenges. 

Copenhagen Major Stickers Leaked?
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