Chipotle x Halo Infinite: How To Earn Challenge Swaps By Ordering Chipotle

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Chipotle x Halo Infinite: How To Earn Challenge Swaps By Ordering Chipotle

Chipotle partners with Halo Infinite to provide players a chance to redeem Challenge Swaps per order.

The global fast-casual chain Chipotle and Halo Infinite have teamed up to enhance their gaming experience. Starting today, Halo Infinite fans can redeem Challenge Swaps by using promo code HALO117 at checkout when ordering Chipotle. Challenge Swaps allow players to replace an active challenge with an entirely new challenge, and thus, customizing their level-up process as they see fit. It’s the first of many Chipotle x Halo Infinite crossovers due over the next few weeks, and this one lasts until the end of December.

Challenge Swaps & Redemption Process Explained

Challenge Swaps grant players the ability to change out weekly challenges that are too challenging or don’t align with a particular vision. These items are helpful and can make progressing through the Battle Pass a more enjoyable process.

A graphic explanation of the steps involved in redeeming swaps from Chipotle orders

Infinite players looking to capitalize on this promotion must place an order in the Chipotle app or online and use the promo code HALO117 at checkout. A code will arrive in your email after placing the order. You can take that code and head over to Halo Waypoint. Once you navigate to the Halo Waypoint website, you’ll need to sign in using your Xbox Live account information and enter the code in the box as shown below:

The redemption screen showing where players can input their codes

This promotion includes five Halo Infinite Challenge Swaps, so it’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to reach the maximum Battle Pass level, all for eating Chipotle. Chipotle Rewards members can redeem 100 points in exchange for more Challenge Swaps as well throughout December.

Players have from today, December 1, until December 31 to enroll in the Chipotle x Halo Infinite promotion while supplies last only in the United States.

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