Botany Manor Windmill Wort Guide – Chapter 1 A Fresh Start

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Botany Manor Windmill Wort Guide – Chapter 1 A Fresh Start

Botany Manor Windmill Wort is the first puzzle in the game, so let's take a look at it.

In this guide, we'll walk through Chapter 1: A Fresh Start. You can check out our review of the game here, and other Chapter guides at the links below:

  1. A Fresh Start
  2. Survivors of Adversity
  3. Peculiar Petals
  4. Botanical Allies
  5. Climbing Up

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

 The game starts and you are in the Conservatory. On the table to the left you find a parcel containing the book Forgotten Flora. This is your guidebook, the Herbarium, for the game.

  •  Open the double doors and step into the next room to start Chapter 1

 Windmill Wort

On the potting station on the left, collect Windmill Seeds. Follow the potting instructions on the planting station; put Potting soil in the pot, plant a Windmill seed, and water the seed with the watering can. 

Screenshot 4 Botany Manor

Continue right around the room until you find a newspaper and a postcard. Pick up the Postcard from Marianne, note that the Windmill Wort is from Sicily. Open the herbarium, click “Add clue” and choose the postcard in the list.

 Keep going right to the blackboard. Look at the Wildflowers, and note that Windmill Wort is a Volcanic Flower. Read the Temperature Chart and note that Volcanic Flowers in Sicily require a soil temperature of 60 degrees. Open the herbarium and add both clues to the flower. All clues are now filled in.

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Go to the boiler and set the temperature to 60. Fetch the flowerpot from the potting station, bring it to the machine by the newspaper, and place it on the plant saucer. Press the red button to open the heat vent and watch the Windmill Wort bloom. Exit to the Driveway through the double doors.

 Follow the path, open the blue door, and continue until you get to a crossing. Go right to the Gatehouse, pick up the Entrance Garden key from the bowl on the table. Turn around, go straight back down the path, and open the locked gates. 

 Go around the fountain in the Entrance Garden, up the stairs to the Vestibule, and enter the Main Hall through the door to the right of the potting station, starting Chapter 2.

Botany Manor Windmill Wort Guide – Chapter 1 A Fresh Start
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