Botany Manor Pixie Tears and Wolfglove Guide – Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals

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Botany Manor Pixie Tears and Wolfglove Guide – Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals

Botany Manor Pixie Tears and Wolfglove are the game's next set of puzzles, so let's take a look.

In this guide, we'll walk through Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals. You can check out our review of the game here, and other Chapter guides at the links below:

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  3. Peculiar Petals
  4. Botanical Allies
  5. Climbing Up

Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals

Pixie Tears and Wolfglove

From the Orchard entrance, follow the path and go to the table by the stone bench on the left. Read the Nursery Rhyme book, and note that the Wolfglove howls on the mountain tops. Add the clue to the Wolfglove.

Cross to the other side of the path and enter the toolshed next to the wall. Collect the Pixie Tears seeds on the left side and read the Pot Notes on the right, note that the pot you normally use needs 97g of nutrition. Add the clue to the Pixie Tears. 

Exit the toolshed and go right into the open building. Read the book on Chloroplasts on the round table, note that not all plants have Chloroplasts and need sugar through their roots instead. Open the case with Microscope Slides on the table, find the Pixie Tears one, and note that it doesn’t have the green Chloroplasts. Add both clues to Pixie Tears.

Go all the way to the right in the open building. Read the Priest Holes book and Letter from Historian. These hint at a hidden room and can’t be added as clues to the flowers.

Go back past the microscopic slides and exit the open building to go to the potting station on the left. Plant and water the Pixie Tears. Pick up the pot and bring it through the turquoise door behind the potting station. Follow the path into the Cider Garden and turn left to the cider press. Put the pot on the saucer in front of it.

Turn around and look at the Cider Apples poster on the left wall, and note the different shaped apples. Walk over to the workbench on the right and read the Apple Blending note, note that adding multiple apples together makes 97 grams of sugar; Merlin’s Mist, Knobbly Russet and Cat’s Head. Add these last clues to the Pixie Tears.

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 Find the apples required and put them in the cider press; the Knobbly Russet is the green apple with brown knobs right next to the note on Apple Blending, the Merlin’s Mist is the blue and green apple next to the Cider Apples poster, and Cat’s Head is the darker green apple with feet on the table to the right of the cider press. Use the press and watch the Pixie Tears bloom.

CiderPress Steam
Press on

Return to the Orchard and walk straight ahead past the open building, to the table and chair on the left. Read the Letter from Builder on the table, note the strong winds in the tower, and add this clue to Wolfglove. Continue right along the path up the stairs. Turn right and enter the Orangery. Go to the other side of the room and pick up the Painting Room key from the bowl in the window. Continue around the room and read the Letter from Natty, note the whistling flower in the Alps, also look at the envelope on the plate and note the ram on the stamp. Add both clues to the Wolfglove.

 Turn around and open the glass doors to the Back Terrace, turn right into the Screens Passage and unlock the Painting Room on the left. Look at the Manor Floorplan on the right wall and note the construction year, 1593. Cross the room to the large windows and read the Symbology book, note the Agnus Dei symbol for Catholicism. These are clues for the hidden room.

Exit the Painting Room and go left to the Kitchens. Cross the room to the table with candles and read the Religious Blessing, note the hints to a hidden sanctuary for those who serve the lord and that the key is the construction year. Turn left into the pantry, down to the bookshelf and look at the Mysterious Symbol, note that it’s the symbol for Catholicism. Place the weights 1-5-9-3 on the scales. 

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Enter the hidden passageway and follow it into the Priest's Hole. Turn left up the stairs and open the hidden door into the Orangery. Collect the Wolfglove seeds from the fountain. Turn left and walk over to the table, open the box, and pick up the Souvenir Coin with the ram from the stamp, turn it over and note that it’s from Weisshorn. Add the clue to the Wolfglove.

 Cross the room and use the planks to repair the stairs. Go upstairs and exit to the right, cross over to the table and read the Alpine Exploration pamphlet, note that Mount Weisshorn has a wind speed of 40 f/s. Read the Tower Wind Research next to it, and notice that test 5/6 creates a wind speed of 40 f/s on the 4th floor. Add the last two clues to the Wolfglove.

 Turn around to the potting station and plant and water a Wolfglove seed. Pick up the pot, turn around and bring it into the Old Tower. Place the pot on the saucer. Use the lever to move up and change the shutters according to the picture – 1 shutter open on floor 1, and both shutters open on floor 3 and 4. Watch the Wolfglove bloom.

Go back to the Gatehouse. Read the Letter From Sister, note the changed library code, that her name is Elizabeth, and that she’s writing from the Hopgood Household. Enter the Main Hall in the Manor and turn left to look at the Family Tree, note that Elizabeth’s middle name is Ann. Turn around and go right and up the Grand Staircase. Unlock the Library Hall door with the code E-A-H. Enter the door on the right into the Library and start Chapter 4.

Botany Manor Pixie Tears and Wolfglove Guide – Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals
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