Botany Manor Fulguria & Ash Plume Guide – Chapter 2 Survivors of Adversity

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Botany Manor Fulguria & Ash Plume Guide – Chapter 2 Survivors of Adversity

Botany Manor Fulguria & Ash Plume are the game's next set of puzzles, so let's take a look.

In this guide, we'll walk through Chapter 2: Survivors of Adversity. You can check out our review of the game here, and other Chapter guides at the links below:

  1. A Fresh Start
  2. Survivors of Adversity
  3. Peculiar Petals
  4. Botanical Allies
  5. Climbing Up

Chapter 2: Survivors of Adversity


From the Main Hall, turn right and go to the Grand staircase. Pick up the Fulguria seeds from the chair. Look at the photographs on the table, open the herbarium, and add Photographs to the clues.

Turn left and open the door to the Apothecary, turn right and open the door to the Dining Room. Read the Folklore book to the left of the fireplace, note that Fulguria only blooms during thunderstorms, and add this clue.

image 1 1

Open the other door and enter the Drawing Room. Pick up the Flash Lamp Manual on the coffee table in front of the couch, note the instructions, and add the clue to Fulguria. Go over to the writing desk in the corner, read the Letter from Farmer Charles, and note the mention of bright flashes. Pick up the bottle of Empty Flash Powder and note the Potassium and Magnesium 2 to 1 ratio. Add both these clues. All clues are now filled in.

 Turn around and pick up the Back Terrace Key from the bowl under the horse painting. Head back to the Apothecary and over to the chemistry station. Add Potassium twice and Magnesium once to the flask. Bring the flask to the camera in the Drawing Room and place the powder in the container on the flash lamp. Close the container and put the flask down.

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Go back to the potting station in the Vestibule. Plant and water the Fulguria seed. Bring the pot back to the Drawing Room, and place it on the plant saucer in front of the camera. Press the red button to take the picture and watch the Fulguria bloom.

Ash Plume

Return to the Main Hall, go through the archways next to the tree, and turn right down the Screens Passage. Unlock the door to the Back Terrace. Go all the way down the stairs to the Rose Garden. Read the Seed Log on the blue table on the left, note that Ash Plume grows in Wistman’s Wood, and add this clue. Collect the Ash Plume seeds on the same table.

Continue down the garden and take the stairs to the left and then down the stairs to the right to the Viewpoint. Pick up the Kitchen key in the bowl on the bench straight ahead. Head back up to the Screens Passage, read the Pyrophiles Book to the right, and note that Pyrophilic flowers have tough shells and only bloom when surrounded by smoke from their natural habitat. On the same wall, look at the Dartmoor Poster, and note that Wistman’s Wood is in Dartmoor. Add both clues.

Continue to the end and unlock the Kitchen door. Go around the main table and read the Cooking Book, note that chestnuts can be popped open in a pan over the fire. Add the clue. Go to the smaller prepping table to the left and read the Dartmoor Lecture, note that Dartmoor used to be covered in forests. Add the clue.

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Open the closed door to the Servants Hall. Read the Poem on the wall to the right, and note that Wistman’s wood had Oak trees. Add the clue. Go up the stairs and open the door to the Kitchen Garden. Turn left and go down the steps, read the Smoking Book on the table to the right, and note that different types of wood create different types of smoke. Add this last clue.

Botany Manor Kitchen ash plume

Go back to a potting station, either on the Back Terrace or Vestibule. Plant the Ash Plume seed – you don’t need to water it – and bring the pot to the Kitchen. Put the pot in the pan over the fire next to the door to the Servants Hall. Bring the pot outside to the Kitchen Garden and down the stairs and into the Smokery. Put the pot on the saucer in the corner. Go back to the wood storage at the other side of the Kitchen Garden and pick up an Oak Log. Bring it to the Smokery and put it on the fire. Watch the Ash Plume bloom.

 Go all the way back to the Gatehouse. Pick up the Orchard key from the bowl on the table. Go to the Entrance Garden in front of the manor and go left through the turquoise door. Unlock the door to the Orchard, starting Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals.

Botany Manor Fulguria & Ash Plume Guide – Chapter 2 Survivors of Adversity
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