BLAST Premier Reportedly Eyeing Four More Partner Teams

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BLAST Premier Reportedly Eyeing Four More Partner Teams

According to the latest reports, BLAST Premier is looking to expand its list of partners by adding four more teams

As per a reputable source, BLAST Premier is set to expand its list of partnerships by welcoming four additional teams into its fold in 2024. This development follows the recent replacement of Evil Geniuses by Cloud9 within the organization's roster of partner teams.

BLAST Premier Looking to Expand Before The 2025 Ban

HLTV journalist Luis Mira has reported that BLAST Premier is gearing up for an expanded roster of 16 teams for the 2024 CS2 season. While the specific identities of the new partner teams remain undisclosed, it's noted that the details have not been revealed due to ongoing negotiations that have yet to reach a final agreement.

BLAST Premier Reportedly Eyeing Four More Partner Teams

Credit: BLAST Premier

Each of the incoming teams willing to join the circuit will be required to make a substantial financial commitment of $350,000 per entry. It's worth noting, however, that these teams will not be sharing revenue as part of their participation.

Reports also suggest a surplus of demand compared to the available slots, indicating a highly competitive selection process. BLAST is expected to announce the new partners during the Spring Groups around the end of January.

The decision to expand the league was influenced by the Cloud9 deal, which sparked interest among other teams eager to join the circuit. The organization acquired a slot previously held by Evil Geniuses to secure a place in the league. While the exact amount remains undisclosed, this acquisition raised eyebrows since the partnership is set to last only one year.

Valve has resolutely decided to terminate the affiliations between tournament organizers and teams starting in 2025. This move by the authoritative body governing professional Counter-Strike represents a concerted effort to create a more equitable competitive landscape. The primary aim behind this stance is to pave the way for lesser-known teams, offering them an equal footing alongside the established giants of the scene.

BLAST Premier Reportedly Eyeing Four More Partner Teams
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