Vacant Evil Geniuses BLAST Premier Slot Goes To…

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Vacant Evil Geniuses BLAST Premier Slot Goes To…

As Evil Geniuses are close to ending their Counter-Strike journey, it has been revealed which team will take their BLAST Premier Slot

Even though no official word has come out yet, reliable sources suggest Evil Geniuses are about to leave the Counter-Strike scene following years of highs and lows. The North American organization has already given up their BLAST Premier slot, which has been already occupied by a side who are no strangers to the longtime fans of competitive Counter-Strike.

Which Team is Replacing Evil Geniuses at BLAST Premier?

BLAST has just revealed that it has awarded Cloud9 the BLAST Premier slot left behind by Evil Geniuses. According to BLAST, Cloud9 came out on top of a competitive bidding process to replace the NA giants and are set to compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 next month.

It’s unlikely, however, that the partnership will extend beyond 2024, as Valve has imposed a ban on organizer-team partnerships that will come into effect in 2025. Starting in 2025, tournaments must allocate spots through open qualifiers or extend invitations to teams based on Valve's Regional Standings, a ranking system introduced by the developer late last year.

Vacant Evil Geniuses BLAST Premier Slot Goes To…

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Why This is A Big Move for Cloud 9

Cloud9 signing a BLAST Premier partnership deal marks a significant advantage for them, considering their Russian lineup has previously navigated challenging qualification paths for Counter-Strike's major events hosted by BLAST and ESL. The team is not an ESL partner as of this moment, as they did not sign the Louvre Agreement.

“Joining this prestigious league reflects our commitment to excellence and competitiveness on a global stage,” Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne said. “We look forward to showcasing the skill and determination of our talented players as we continue our CS2 journey with BLAST Premier.”

The Beginning of the End for Evil Geniuses in CS2?

The status of Evil Geniuses' Counter-Strike roster for 2024 remains uncertain as Timothy “autimatic” Ta is expected to leave, and Jadan “HexT” Posta has departed for NRG. Rumors about the team's alleged absence from practice and an impending collapse suggest that Evil Geniuses' era in North American Counter-Strike could end.

According to earlier reports by Richard Lewis, Evil Geniuses is reportedly planning to disband their Counter-Strike division in the near future. The report also highlighted the potential sale of the brand due to ongoing internal struggles.

Vacant Evil Geniuses BLAST Premier Slot Goes To…
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