Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 – Overview & Teams To Keep An Eye On

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Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 – Overview & Teams To Keep An Eye On

Learn more about the Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 and what to expect from this incredible CS2 tournament. Click to learn more details about everything.

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 will be one of the top-tier CS2 tournaments of 2023 that will begin in just a couple of days from now. The event will have tons of big names and an impressive prize pool, and it will offer us a world-class experience. There are a lot of key things you must keep an eye on, so let’s learn more about everything and see some interesting details.

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 – Overview

When talking about the Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 review, there are several important things to know. The most important one is that this will be a LAN tournament that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tournament begins on November 22 and will end on November 26. During that time, 8 of the world’s best CS2 teams will compete for the $425,000 prize pool.

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 is organized by BAST, but the event has several other big sponsors. The list consists of Unikrn, CS.Money, EPOS, and Maersk. Those if you who want to watch it should go to Royal Arena located in Denmark’s capital.

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 – Teams & Prize Pool

As mentioned in this CS2 Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 review, the tournament will have a reward of $425,000. The prize pool will be divided between the 8 teams as follows:

  • 1st Place earns $200K and a ticker for the World Final in December
  • 2nd Place gets $85K
  • 3rd/4th Places get $40K
  • 5th/6th Places get $20K
  • 7th/8th Places get $10K
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Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 – Format

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023
via Blast Premier

When it comes down to the format of this CS2 tournament, we will have a Group Stage and Playoffs. Starting with the groups, there are two of them, and each one has 4 teams (we will learn more about them in just a bit). The teams in each group will play in Bo3 matches, and once those matches are over, the top 3 teams go to the Playoffs. The winner will receive a Semifinal slot, the runners-up is in the High Seeds Quarterfinals, whereas the 3rd place goes to the Quarterfinals as the Low Seeds.

Once it is time for the Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 playoffs, we will have a Bo3 single elimination. Even though the matches are not in Bo1, the CS2 teams do not have room for mistakes because there is no lower bracket.

The Groups, Teams and Favorites

Following our analysis of the Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023 favorites, you already know the three tames that have the biggest chances of winning this tournament. However, we need to remind you that there are 8 squads in total. All teams are here for a reason, and each one has the potential to win.

Some people may want to know more about this tournament because it will be the focus of attention of all CS2 betting websites in the next couple of weeks. Considering there may be a lot of special bonuses and good odds, it is no surprise fans want to learn more about everything.

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In terms of the groups, Group A will have the following squads:

  • Cloud9
  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

On the other hand, Group B will consist of the following:

  • Complexity
  • Astralis
  • Team Vitality
  • Heroic

It is clear that both groups have their favorites, but every single team has the power to advance to the next stage of the event. We expect Group A to be dominated by FaZe Clan because this is the CS2 club that won the most recent big tournaments after defeating Mouz in CS Asia. Natus Vincere is the second big name in Group A, and we expect to perform better than the rest, which means that the clash between them and FaZe Clan will be epic.

Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023
via Blast Premier

There is no arguing that the situation in Group B is more interesting. Complexity and Team Vitality are the clear favorites here because of their most recent results. However, if we take a look at the tournaments prior to Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023, we can see that Heroic and Astralis also deserve some attention. This is especially true for Heroic because the club won several big events in early 2023.

Other Information

There is still time left until the beginning of the Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023, which means that we will update this article in the future. We are yet to learn more about the talents and the showmatch. What we do know about the latter is that it will take place on November 26 and will be a single-elimination, and it will have a B1 format. 

In terms of where to watch Blast Premier: Fall Final 2023, you can do that on the official streams available in English, Russian, and Chinese.

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