BetBoom and Tundra Players Caught Alt Tabbing

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BetBoom and Tundra Players Caught Alt Tabbing

BetBoom Team and Tundra players might get penalized as they were caught alt-tabbing during their team's DreamLeague Season 21 matches

Tundra Esports and BetBoom Team find themselves embroiled in a major controversy with the International 2023 only weeks away. The drama transpired at DreamLeague Season 21 when keen-eyed spectators began to uncover signs indicating that BetBoom Team's Danil “gpk” Skutin and Tundra Esports' Neta “33” Shapira may have been involved in accessing external information while drafting during their respective matches.

What Happened?

Gpk came under scrutiny when he was seen accessing a tournament stream, sparking suspicions that he might have been attempting to gain an unfair advantage for his team by using external information. At the same time, 33 was spotted consulting Dotabuff, a widely-used platform renowned for its comprehensive Dota 2 match and player data.


Further complicating matters was the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the players' interaction with these external sources. The snippets captured on their webcams offered only short glimpses, making it a challenge to assess the extent of any possible unfair advantage.

Deja Vu for BetBoom

BetBoom Team is once again at the center of a contentious situation, with this being the second time they've been accused of gaining unauthorized external information during a competitive match. The first incident occurred during the Bali Major when Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, a member of the team, was caught shifting between screens and unpausing a live stream from his web browser during an extended in-game pause. This affair swiftly turned into a major scandal, raising serious questions about the team's ethical standards and their commitment to fair competition.

BetBoom Team faced significant fallout in the aftermath of the Bali Major incident. With a determination to uphold the competition's integrity, tournament organizers issued a technical loss against the team. Furthermore, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, the player at the core of the controversy, was disqualified from the event.


The situation grew more convoluted due to the alleged inconsistency in how tournament administrators behaved and enforced the rules. Observers, including players and fans, were quick to point out numerous irregularities in the handling of the matter. Some claimed that discrepancies existed in how rules were interpreted and upheld during the entire tournament. Additionally, there were accusations that the final decision regarding Pure's disqualification underwent several alterations throughout the investigation.

Tundra Made Headlines In Bali Major As Well

During the same tournament, another controversy arose when Neta “33” Shapira faced allegations of violating tournament rules by opening Spotify during a match. While this action did not hand 33 and his team any advantage, it was still considered a breach of the tournament regulations. In response to this breach, tournament organizers imposed a 30-second draft penalty on Tundra Esports for their next match.

What Punishments Can BetBoom and Tundra Get?

BetBoom Team and Tundra Esports could potentially face various repercussions, such as draft-related penalties, the risk of defaulting a match at a later stage in the tournament, or even being excluded from invitations to upcoming ESL events. Although watching a broadcast stream or checking Dotabuff during the draft phase may not result in immediate advantages, the importance of upholding the established rules cannot be understated. Most Dota 2 tournaments insist that players remain within the game client once their match begins, encompassing the drafting process.








BetBoom and Tundra Players Caught Alt Tabbing
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