BetBoom Drop Pure Against Azure Ray Following Stream Scandal

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BetBoom Drop Pure Against Azure Ray Following Stream Scandal

BetBoom Team offlaner Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko will not be involved in his team’s Bali Major Lower Bracket series against Azure R

Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko has been excluded from the lineup of the BetBoom Team for their upcoming match against Azure Ray at the Bali Major 2023, following a request from the Chinese team. The announcement was made via the official Weibo account of the Azure Ray team.

According to reports, Azure Ray have issued a clear ultimatum stating that they would withdraw from the series if BetBoom Team insisted on including Pure in their roster. This decision stems from Pure's alleged rule violation, which has resulted in his eligibility for future games being suspended in accordance with the enforced regulations.

Earlier, BetBoom Team were handed a default loss in their series against Tundra. This decision was made after video evidence surfaced, revealing that Pure had violated the rules by watching an official stream of the game. As a result, BetBoom Team will be relegated to the Lower Bracket instead of progressing to the Upper Bracket Semifinals against Gaimin Gladiators. The DreamLeague Season 20 runner-ups are now scheduled to play Azure Ray in the Lower Brackets. 

As of writing, BetBoom Team are yet to announce a replacement for Pure. 

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