Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks (Early 2024)

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Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks (Early 2024)

Here are the best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks for Season 2. Let’s learn more about them and see how they work.

Considering Warcraft Rumble is one of the most popular mobile games, it is no surprise that tons of people are playing PVP. In fact, if you look at our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations, you can see that we predict that the PVP leaderboard will be one of the things we expect to see in the next few months.

With that said, this article will focus on the best Warcraft Runble PVP decks you can get in Season 2 right now. PVP is a lot different than the campaign/dungeons and people need to have the proper deck to be effective. So, let’s learn more about it. Keep in mind that Season 2 should last until January 21, so you have plenty of time to dominate your opponents. 

Warcraft Rumble PVP Season 2 Overview

Before sharing some of the best Warcraft Rumble PVP decks you should focus on, you need to know that the PVP mode changes every 2 weeks. Besides having access to new maps, the PVP mode also offers different towers, as well as modifiers. Each map has different pros and cons and requires a specific approach.

Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks 

While it is true that every map is unique (more about it in a bit), after playing for a while, we found that certain decks are a lot better than others, at least for now. We’ve tried using a lot of options, so here are more details about each one.

The best Warcraft Rumble PVP Units

 Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks (Early 2024)

Warcraft Rumble has tons of different units that you can choose from. Naturally, some are better than others, especially when it comes down to PVP. In fact, here are a couple of options that are worth mentioning.

  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – This has to be one of the best all-around units for  PVP. Her unmatched map-wide presence and the ability to capture chests and deny gold mines make her incredibly strong in PvP. Most people use this unit with the Gnomish Cloaking device, but it is worth knowing that ‘Comin’ In Hot! Is also a solid option. The latter is used against enemies who are grouped together.
  • Gryphon Rider – Another flying unit that is a solid pick in this draft is Gryphon Rider. Besides being cheap, the Gryphon Rider has attacks that are very long-range, allowing the unit to stay safe from annoying AoE damage. Another thing that Gryphon Rider is good against is the annoying Dragon Towers because the mini can survive for a long time.
  • Quilboar – Another top-tier pick for the best Warcraft Rumble PVP decks is Quilboar. The unit’s ability to position itself in a way that can easily deal with miners and other units. Also, judging from our experience, Quilboar is a solid pick to have when playing under Dragon Tower. Due to this resistance and the fact that he can be summoned anywhere on the map, you can distract your enemies.
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Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks

There are many different decks that can work in the current PVP season of Warcraft Rumble. Let’s go through some of the most successful options so you have enough alternatives.

Jaina Proudmoore

Despite being one of the Warcraft Rumble leaders, Jaina Proudmoore is a solid option for PVP. We have tried playing with this leader, and we’ve used the following units:

  • Quilboar
  • Holy Nova/Blizzard
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Gryphon Rider
  • Harvest Golem 
  • Dark Iron Dwarf/Defias Bandits

This draft offers solid AoE damage and you have two tanks that make up for Jain’s fragile nature. 

Rend Blackhand

The second popular PVP draft you can go for is related to Rend Blackhand. He may not be the most popular unit in PvE, but he is a very solid pick for PVP, especially when you use the following units alongside him:

  • Pyromancer
  • Whelp Eggs
  • Drake
  • Stonehoof Tauren
  • Defias Bandits
  • Quilboar

The idea of one of the best Warcraft Rumble PVP decks is that Rend Blackhand’s ability is called Black in the Skies. Since the latter reduces the cost of air units, this allows you to use Rend alongside your Drake and do tons of damage to your enemies. The AoE damage is out of this world, and you should be able to dominate against most setups.

The fact that flying units are cheaper allows players to use a lot more Whelp Eggs than usual. This will give them the needed map advantage and provide them with more opportunities to push.

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Baron Rivendare

The last of the best Warcraft Rumble PVP decks for early 2024 that we want to talk about involves Baron Rivendare. He was one of the most consistent leaders throughout 2023, and it seems like he will be an important figure in 2024 as well. There are a lot of different options you can go for, but we had success using the following alternatives:

  • Banshee
  • Ghoul
  • Worgen
  • Whelp Eggs
  • Goblin Sapper
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot

If you choose this leader and units, you will be able to seize control of the map. As you know, Baron Rivendare is great when it comes down to resource management. Chill of the Grave and Death Pact talents both work fine, but we prefer the second option because it works better with the skeleton units.

Every unit here is important, but we think that Goblin Sappers are the most valuable ones. They are excellent for taking down towers, which is good because the deck also has the likes of Banshee. The latter works great versus specific single-target units that are hard to deal with.

Ghoul is also strong because the tank is very effective yet chea[, and Worgen is great for ambushing enemies. We’ve already talked about S.A.F.E. Pilot and the fact that she is one of the best units in the game, and Whelp Eggs are also amazing to have.

Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks (Early 2024)
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