Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations – PvP, Raids & More

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Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations – PvP, Raids & More

Warcraft Rumble arrived in 2023, and it quickly became one of the best mobile games. But what are our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations? Well, we are about to find out.

2023 was a special year for people who like World of Warcraft. Besides the BlizzCon 2023 announcement about WoW’s future expansions, players also got the opportunity to play a completely new game. It is called Warcraft Rumble, and it quickly rose to the top among mobile players.

The most recent Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 included several bug fixes and changes to our favorite game. With that said, 2024 is here, and so are people’s expectations regarding Blizzard’s most recent titles. So, let’s see what some of our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations are and what we can see.

Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations – Overview

Considering the game is relatively new, one of the things we expect to see is a lot of smaller updates. Blizzard is known for fixing bugs relatively fast, which is why we believe we will see a lot of options in the future. Other than that, we have a few specific Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations we want to talk about, so let’s dive in.

New Leader

Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations
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One of the things that we should definitely see in 2023 is a new leader. The current Warcraft Rumble leaders are fun, there is no arguing that. However, the game has been around for a few months now, and some of the more hardcore players already know everything about the leaders, their talents, and more. 

Blizzard definitely knows this, which is why one of the things we expect to see is a new leader. There are some rumors that the new leader will be Emperador Thaurissan, which is an interesting choice. However, we know Blizzard can change that at any time, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the company decided to surprise us. 

Another leader that we may see in action is Ragnaros. However, considering his lore in Warcraft, we would not be surprised if Blizzard decides to make him a boss.

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New Units

Of course, our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations are that the game will offer us at least a couple of new units. If you’ve paid attention at BlizzCon, we’ve learned that the famous Faerie Dragons will make their way to the game. For all Dota 2 fans out there, Faerie Dragon is the unit on which Puck is based (Puck is a Faerie Dragon) and this unit has been a vital part of the Warcraft universe. According to the rumors, this unit will have resistance to elemental damage, which means it will be annoying to play against. 

Something that Blizzard has mentioned is that there should be a new unit every season. At the time of writing each Warcraft Rumble season lasts around 6 weeks, meaning we should be getting a new unit pretty often.


Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations
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We expected the Warcraft Rumble raid option to be available in late 2023, but it seems like we will be getting it in 2024. To be honest, many people do not find a difference between Raids and Dungeons, and we can’t blame them. The only real difference is the fact that Raids will be Co-Op with guildmates and that you will have to fight against a legendary boss. In other words, the fight should be a lot harder.

Taking part in raids sounds like tons of hassle for casual Warcraft Rumble players. However, our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations are that a lot of players will be involved because f the rewards. If Blizzard lives up to what it said, we will get things like a platinum slot, legendary tome & core, boost slot, and even a new leader. These rewards are more than attractive, which will result in more playable playing.

We don’t know if the rides will become available or what requirements we’ll have to meet to take part in them. One thing is certain, those things will be fun.

New skins

Nowadays, skins are a crucial part of the gaming industry, which explains why almost all games (even those that are not free to play) offer some kind of cosmetic items. Considering that Warcraft Rumble is free, we expect Blizzard to step up their game and come out with loads of different skins.

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Besides Warcraft Rumble skins for leaders and minions, we can also expect to see something that changes the effect of certain spells or talents. Besides being able to purchase certain skins, we would not be surprised if we got the chance to win them by completing different tasks. Regardless of what the case is, adding skins to the game will definitely make it more interesting, so it is on our list of Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations.

PVP Leaderboard

Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations

Despite the fact that many people play Warcraft Rumble because they like the PvE and completing missions, others are fans of the PVP Mode. The latter will become even more popular in 2024 because we expect to see a PVP Leaderboard in the game.

In case you do not know, the PVP Leaderboard is used by players who want to see where they rank against the rest. This thing is available in almost every game that offers a Player vs Player experience, including World of Warcraft. Adding such an element to the game will definitely make the PvP aspect of Warcraft Rumble more interesting.


Something that we’ve also mentioned in our Valorant 2024 wishlist is that we want to see replays. Well, the same applies to Warcraft Rumble because people who want to improve or take a look at how people are playing will want to have access to replays. For now, the only way to observe what others are doing is by watching videos or live streams.

The Warcraft Rumble players count increases all the time, so more and more people will be joining the action. That’s why our Warcraft Rumble 2024 expectations are big and we hope that Blizzard will live up to all of them. Remember that these things might be just some of the options we’ll have access to.

Warcraft Rumble 2024 Expectations – PvP, Raids & More
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