Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 – Bug Fixes, Changes & More

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Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 – Bug Fixes, Changes & More

The recent Warcraft Rumble Bug regarding gold is something that Blizzard will have to fix really soon.

Warcraft Rumble is Blizzard’s latest game, and it’s something that gets a lot of attention. The most recent update made the game even more intriguing by adding new elements. On top of that, fans also got to see the new Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0, which brings loads of different things. Sadly, one of them is an ongoing Warcraft Rumble bug that a lot of people have reported, and it is related to gold. With that said, here is everything else we must be aware of.

Arclight Surge 

Following the arrival of Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0, we will see many changes to Arclight Surge. Now, it will surge 1 zone 4 times per week, whereas before, it was set to 2 zones 2 times per week. On top of that, the towers will no longer attack chests during Guild Armaments surges. 

The bug where Cairne Bloodhoof would lose his Bloodlust after resurrecting during the Bloodsport surges is fixed. Also, the coins claimed from the Arclight Surge can’t be claimed themselves until the reward is tapped. 

The last important change to Arclight Surge is related to the Big Red Button. It will show in the inventory, meaning you will no longer need to restart the game.

Leaders & Minis

Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 - Bug Fixes, Changes & More
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Another interesting thing in the Warcraft Runble Patch 3.0.0 update is related to Leaders and Minis. To be honest, we expected to see more changes here, but there are only a few new things you need to be aware of.

First, Bloodmage Thalnos now has 150 instead of 140 damage, making him an even better pick than before. As for Grommash Hellscream, his HP is up by 10%, which means he will be even tankier than before.

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Regarding the mini changes, there are no buffs or nerfs. Instead, once you tap on a Mini’s level, there will be a tooltip showing the bonus levels and their sources. This is good because you can track the data faster than before.

Talent Changes

When it comes down to the Warcraft Rumble talents, there are a lot of new things following the Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0. 

  • Starting with Baron Rivendare, his Skeleton Mage spawn frequency of Chill of the Grave is now 18s instead of 15s. On the other hand, Bloodmage Thalnos now has 10% lifesteal from Drain Life rather than 8.
    Tirion Fordring’s Divine Shield will finally block attacks from General Drakkisath, whereas the latter has his Piercing Blow’s vertical range reduced from 3.5 to 2.5.
    Lastly, Maiev Shadowsong’s Remorseless now deals double damage, which is a nerf because it used to do triple damage.
  • Moving to the spells, Blizzard’s Cold Snap should now start slowing movement as intended instead of stunning them. Cheat Death also got changes because the apocalypse will not summon affected Skeletons on the right or left side of the Barracks.
  • In terms of the minion talents changes, there are a lot of them. Starting with Darkspear Troll, its headhunting now properly stacks, whereas Defias Bandits Pick Lock won’t grant Gold to an enemy if they claim the chest after you have attacked it first.
    Frostwolf Shaman’s Earthwall Totem won’t be cast before it is near a damaged building. Plague Farmer will finally get his extra range and splash area when equipped with Splashing Pumpkins Talent. Lastly, Quilboar’s Bramble Burst timing has been slightly adjusted, and Gryphon Rider’s Air Drop position will no longer be consumed by chests.
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In addition to the options mentioned so far, the Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 also brings several PVP changes. For example, the Leaders will gain more Honor in PVP than before. There are also updates to the Leader and Modest Tome, as well as the number of mini copies you can receive from PvP honor rewards. 

Dungeons & Bug Fixes

In terms of dungeons, the Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 has a couple of intriguing options. First, the Basilisk Fang Relic now deals the damage it should. Also, the two relics (Band of the Protector and Band of Arcanist) will finally work appropriately with Charlga.

A very important Warcraft Rumble bug that was fixed is related to the fact that dungeons no longer forbid players from proceeding for 10 minutes if a given match fails to start.

Speaking of Warcraft Rumble bug fixes, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • The Continue button can finally be tapped after the end of a game
  • Even if players use multiple devices, they should be able to get old rewards
  • The sigils we couldn’t get in the Path of Onyxia are now fixed.
  • Chain Lightning will no longer bounce from Sylvanas’ Banshee multiple times.
  • Abomination can no longer hook Minis on a bridge above him.

There are several other bugs addressed in the latest Warcraft Runble Patch 3.0.0, so make sure to read the full changelog for more information.

Warcraft Rumble Patch 3.0.0 – Bug Fixes, Changes & More
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