Best Valorant Players of 2023 – See Who Shined

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Best Valorant Players of 2023 – See Who Shined

Are you wondering who the best Valorant players of 2023 were? Well, we are about to find out.

It is safe to say that the VCT 2023 was a huge success. We had the chance to watch many world-class teams and players in action. In the end, it was Evil Geniuses that won the big trophy, resulting in the first-ever title for this region. This is good news for North America because the latter has had a lot of problems, especially in Dota 2.

Considering all of the big teams and players, it is probably not surprising that there were tons of top-tier Valorant superstars who had the chance to sign. There were loads of storylines to follow, such as the drama around Could9 and the building of teams like Fnatic. Naturally, this has had an effect on the best Valorant players of 2023, so let’s learn more about them.

Epic “aspas” Santos

People who’ve been following Valorant’s professional career for a while now remember that aspas was one of the best players in 2022. A lot of fans did not expect him to perform well in 2023, but this was not the case. Aspas exceeded expectations and deserves to be one of the best Valorant players of 2023.

During the year, he had a key role for LOUD because he became the squad’s space-taker. He shined in pretty much every game, which is why it’s no surprise aspas got the VCT Americas MVP trophy.

While it is true that everyone from his team is on another level, aspas shines a little bit more than the rest. After analyzing his stats, we can clearly see he has among the best rates in terms of kills, deaths, ACS, and more.

Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev

Best Valorant Players of 2023 - See Who Shined
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The second name of the best Valorant players of 2023 is a player from Fnatic. His name is Derke, and he surprised everyone with his unique performance. Even though we’re used to seeing him on agents like Chamber in 2022, this year was different because Derke focused on playing Jett and Raze. Many players were skeptical about this change at first, but the player quickly proved he was among the best Duelists in the world.

The fact that Derke had a real role for the team is probably not surprising. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that his performance at the last big event was not as good. That’s why people are eager to see what’s going to happen with him in 2024.

Emir “Alfajer” Beder

Since we are on the topic of the best Valorant players of 2023 and Fnatic, another name that we need to include here is Alfajer. Despite not being the most attractive player to watch in terms of playstyle, Alfajer is always there when the team needs him. That’s one of the reasons why he always scores kills.

Despite being a Sentinel, the player has had an amazing year and has always been among the most successful players during events. If we analyze some of the events, such as the VCT Masters Tokyo, we can see that he was among the top 5 in terms of stats. The same applies to tournaments like the VCT EMEA. No wonder a lot of people consider him to be the best Sentinel in Valorant.

Max “Demon1” Mazanov

While some of the best Valorant players of 2023 mentioned on this list are well-known to the public, Demon1 is an exception. Unlike the rest, he was one of the new names on the professional scene, but this did not stop him from dominating. On the contrary, Demon1 became the go-to Duelist for Evil Geniuses, and considering the team’s triumph, it’s no surprise this player is special.

While it is true that Demon1 played well all the time, our thorough analysis had shown that the Valorant Championship 2023 was when he was above the rest. Besides ripping through his enemies with Jett, the player also played options like Astra and Bromstone. This makes him an important asset because he can play multiple Agents on a world-class level.

Another important fact to remember is that it was Demon1 who recorded the first 100+ kills series when the team played against LOUD. After 5 maps, the superstar had a total of 101 kills, which is really impressive, to say the least.

Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie

Best Valorant Players of 2023 - See Who Shined
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There are a few big names in Valorant from Singapore, but Jinggg is probably the best one. It is really sad that we won’t be able to see him in action during VCT 2024, but it is safe to say he was among the best Valorant players of 2023. 

Known as one of the best on agents like Raze and Phoenix, his chaotic playstyle and aggressive nature allowed him to get tons of fans. After watching him time and time again, we can agree that he is among the most intriguing players to follow.

Going back to the stats, if we take a look at things like the damage per round, we can clearly see that Jungg was almost always among the top. 

Fans hope that Jinggg will come back, but it does not seem like this will happen. We are yet to see if the player will decide to return.

Leo “Leo” Jannesson

The last name of the best Valorant players for 2023 is also from Fnatic, and his name is Leo. Despite the fact that the player became a part of the team in 2023, he quickly rose to the top. In fact, many people think he is among the best initiators in the game right now.

When comparing his stats to those of other players, we can see that Leo almost always ranked in the top three. He was perfect during the Valorant Champions, as well as the VCT Masters Tokyo. Fans expect a lot from Leo in 2024, so make sure to follow us for more information because we will keep an eye on him.

Best Valorant Players of 2023 – See Who Shined
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