Best Agents To Get in Patch 7.12 To Carry Yourself

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Best Agents To Get in Patch 7.12 To Carry Yourself

Do you know which agents to get in patch 7.12 and carry yourself to your desired rank? Well, this update will show you everything about it.

Being able to solo carry your game in Valorant is incredibly important, no matter the patch. Of course, this is easier said than done, and players often have difficulties because they need to do a lot more than their teammates. 

You may not have the chance to win every game on patch 7.12, but once you know which agents to get, this percentage will increase. So, let’s learn more about the best solo carry agents for Patch 7.12 and see why they are a suitable pick. Picking those names should allow you to dominate your games.


Albeit not the most popular Valorant agent, people who’ve been playing this game on patch 7.12 know that Breach is an excellent option. He is one of the best solo carry agents for patch 7.12 because he is good on some maps. This agent gives you the ability to flash corners, which means he is great for taking space 

Due to the agent’s abilities and nature, he is really good at cutting off the line of sight, meaning enemies have to play a lot more aggressively if they want to be successful. This is good news because it means you have more chances of succeeding. 

Another thing that Breach is good at is forcing his way onto the site. This can also be achieved by playing certain duelists, but our tests have shown that Breach does a better job at it in the current patch.


The second Valorant agent we want to include on the list when it comes down to the best agents to get in patch 7.12 is Cypher. Albeit not that popular in the last patch, Cypher got a few buffs recently that have made him a lot better.

Cypher’s traps are really good right now, especially when you use them on certain maps. Enemies will have a really hard time trying to destroy them, meaning you have a serious competitive advantage.

If we put those things aside, picking Cypher on patch 7.12 means you can lurk a lot and always have the option to retake a given position. As you know, retaking is one of the most important things in Valorant, and we have a separate guide for it.


Best Agents To Get in Patch 7.12 To Carry Yourself

If you are a fan of doing as much damage as possible in Valorant and want to achieve impressive results, Raze is one of the names you should be looking into. Even though this role usually goes to Jett, the latter got nerfs and is not one of the best agents to get in patch 7.12, at least not yet.

People focusing on playing Raze have a much higher chance of winning their markets. This is one of the few agents in Valorant capable of carrying his entire team. She is viable on almost all maps, which is another big plus because you can pick her up in various situations, even if you have low Valorant FPS.

Remember when we said that Cypher’s utility is really strong right now? Well, Raze is one of the few Valorant agents capable of dealing with it. This is another reason why a lot of people are focusing on her.

Another reason why we believe Raze is a good option in the Valorant patch 7.12 is her high skillcap. This agent allows you to do many things, including dodging other abilities, denying angles while having the chance to peek, and much more.


Although a lot of people will choose Cypher when it comes down to Sentinels in the current 7.12 patch, we believe that Killjoy is also a very solid pick. She has some of the best utilities in the game, and the best thing about them is that they work on almost every map. In other words, she is one of the best agents to get in patch 7.12, and you can use her in many situations.

Of course, when talking about Killjoy, we also need to address her ultimate. It is one of the abilities in the game that has the potential to change the course of a team fight. Another interesting fact about Killjoy is that she is among the most successful agents in the game. The stats do not lie, so definitely consider getting her if you want to play as Sentinel.


Best Agents To Get in Patch 7.12 To Carry Yourself

If you are a fan of initiators and want to win most of your Valorant Patch 7.12 matches, getting Skye is probably the best decision you can make. This agent is incredibly powerful in a variety of situations and for a good reason. Even though the most recent changes limit her ability to clear some angles, she continues to be among the best. 

One of the reasons why this agent is so good is because she is very flexible. Sure, other agents in this role are also solid picks, but people who’ve been playing with Skye for a while now have noticed she is much better.


When talking about the best agents to get in patch 7.12, we’ve already mentioned some of the options that stand out. However, this does not mean they are the only agents worth getting right now. There are a few other names that stand out, so let’s learn more about them.

Sova, for example, is a really solid option because he has the ability to provide the team with a lot of information. Although he is not exactly the best option to have when you need to carry yourself, he is an excellent pick if you have at least one or two teammates you can rely on.

Another name that deserves attention is Gekko. His flash is much faster than before, which means he is more effective. Sure, he is not the best initiators right now, but he can work in specific situations.

Best Agents To Get in Patch 7.12 To Carry Yourself
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