Best Ranged Heroes to Play in Dota 2 Dead Reckoning

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Best Ranged Heroes to Play in Dota 2 Dead Reckoning

You can try playing these ranged heroes to win more points for the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2. 

The community of gamers is celebrating the win of Gaimin Gladiators after they beat over 15 top esports teams in The Lima Major. Gaimin Gladiators won a total of 11 games in The Lima Major, defeating major teams, including Team Spirit, Evil Geniuses, Talon, and Tundra Esports, to become champions in the South American competition.

Hundreds of people are joining the Supporters Club to show their support for their favorite Dota 2 teams. The current season of Dota 2 competitions will soon be rolling out the Spring Tour in March 2023 to heat the road toward The International. 

Players are also jumping with joy over the newly introduced mini-game to Dota 2 that rewards people for their teamwork. The Dead Reckoning mini-game can be played to earn points for every assist and kill that you perform against specific heroes in a match. These points can be used to unlock the Dead Reckoning Chests to receive new skins. 

Take a look at the best ranged heroes to play in Dota 2 while earning points for the Dead Reckoning challenge. 

Venomancer – Grant A Slow Death to Your Enemies

Venomancer gets assists using Venomous Gale

Venomancer is an Agility hero with several abilities to make enemies kneel in battles. He can nuke enemy heroes with his spells to reduce their health between waves of creeps. Venomancer can place wards across the map that can spot and attack enemy heroes before they can ambush your allies. He is a ranged hero who can easily help you earn more points for the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2. 

You can choose Venomancer in your matches to play a vital role as a support hero. He can cast Plague Wards in a lane for as little as 21 mana at level one. These living wards last for up to 40 seconds and deal 40 damage to enemy units per hit. Plague Wards have a cooldown of 5 seconds and have 450 health, letting them become a threat to enemy heroes farming for gold in lanes. 

Venomancer tends to gain several assists in each game. People can use Venomous Gale to deal initial damage of 125 to enemy heroes. Venomous Gale lasts for 15 seconds and deals 105 damage per tick that is triggered every 3 seconds. Enemy units affected by Venomous Gale have their movement speed slowed by 50%, allowing allies to deliver a few physical hits to deal significant amounts of damage to their enemies. Venomous Gale has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 125 mana per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of Venomous Gale by 5 seconds at level 10. 

Players can purchase a Tranquil Boots to remain longer in lanes without having to use a ton of consumable items like Healing Salves. Tranquil Boots provides 65 movement speed and 14 health regeneration to Venomancer. You can place a few Plague Wards around towers to slow the movement of enemy heroes before they can hit the ranged hero in battles. Taking a hit from enemy units may break the passive ability of Tranquil Boots, removing the bonus health regeneration of Venomancer for up to 13 seconds. Tranquil Boots costs 925 gold. 

Buying a Veil of Discord for Venomancer can make a ton of difference to the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2. Veil of Discord grants 5 Agility, 5 Intelligence, and 5 Strength to the Agility hero. Players can cast Magic Weakness on enemy heroes in a radius of 600 to deal 18% increased damage from spells for up to 16 seconds using Veil of Discord. Magic Weakness has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires 50 mana. Venomancer can use Veil of Discord before casting Venomous Gale to deal more damage to his enemies. 

The passive ability, Poison Sting, lets Venomancer deal an additional 32 damage per second (DPS) to his opponents. You can get dozens of assists in Dota 2 matches after unlocking Poison Sting for Venomancer to gain points for the Dead Reckoning challenge. His ulti, Poison Nova, can be used on multiple enemy units in a radius of 950 to deal a portion of their max health as damage for up to 20 seconds. 

Skywrath Mage – Root Enemies for Instant Kills

Skywrath Mage gets instant kills using Mystic Flare

Skywrath Mage is an amazing choice to win more points for the Dead Reckoning challenge. He can use Arcane Bolts to mitigate enemy heroes in lanes. You’ll need to have a sufficient mana pool to be able to win the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2 with Skywrath Mage. 

Players can gain a massive 4.1 Intelligence per level while playing as Skywrath Mage in their matches. You can cast Arcane Bolts several times on your opponents to make them flee from battles. Arcane Bolt deals a base damage of 135 and deals bonus damage based on the Intelligence of the ranged hero in the game. Items like Aether Lens and Rod of Atos can be crucial to increasing your kills counts with Skywrath Mage. 

Rod of Atos provides 24 intelligence, 12 Strength, and 12 Agility to the Intelligence hero. Skywrath Mage can cast Cripple on enemy heroes to root them for 2 seconds. Rod of Atos has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 50 mana to be used per cast. Skywrath Mage can cast 2 Arcane Bolts at once by reaching level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

You can maximize the score for the Dead Reckoning mini-game by using a combination of Arcane Bolt, Rod of Atos, Ancient Seal, and Mystic Flare. Players can deal an additional 35% bonus damage to enemy heroes by casting Ancient Seal on them. Ancient Seal lasts for 6 seconds and can amplify the damage dealt to enemy units with your spells. 

Skywrath Mage can blast enemy heroes with Arcane Bolts immediately after using Rod of Atos to root them in team fights. You can cast Ancient Seal before using your ulti, Mystic Flare, to deal 1600 damage to enemy heroes. Mystic Flare can instantly destroy your enemies to increase the points gained in the Dead Reckoning challenge. His ulti has a cooldown of 20 seconds and requires 800 mana to be used per cast. 

People can cast Concussive Shot on enemy heroes on the run. Enemy heroes hit by Concussive Shot take up to 300 damage and have their movement slowed by 40% for 4 seconds. You can purchase an Octarine Core for Skywrath Mage to gain 725 mana, 425 health, and increase the mana regeneration rate of the Intelligence hero by 3. The item can be bought for 5275 gold in the game. Octarine Core also reduces the cooldown of Skywrath Mage’s abilities and items by 25%, giving him a better chance to win the Dead Reckoning mini-game in Dota 2 matches. 

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