Best CSGO P90 Skins Under $10 for 2023

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Best CSGO P90 Skins Under $10 for 2023

Our series of the best CSGO Skins under 10 for 2023 continues with yet another popular weapon- P90. Albeit not the go-to option for professional players, this weapon has a lot of fans among those who play for fun. As a result, you can choose from loads of top-tier skins, most of which aren’t that expensive.


Before you check some of the best CSGO P90 skins for 2023, keep in mind that we’ve done a review of all sorts of other popular weapons. For example, you can check the best option for the AWP, as well as other famous guns. Just double-check the prices because they might change in the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we expect to see a lot of interesting updates in 2023, some of which will grant us access to many additional skins. So, feel free to follow us if you want to know more about them. Without further ado, here are the top P90 skins you can get right now.

Ancient Earth

Ancient Earth is the first skin that some of you may like a lot. It is not the most beautiful thing out there, but for around $0.04, you can get it really cheap. This skin uses a brownish design that includes different kinds of artwork all over it. Although it does not stand out, the P90 CSGO skin is a good alternative for someone who wants skin that looks good and doesn’t cost much.

What’s interesting about this skin is that it became available following Operation Broken Fang around late 2020. 


Unlike the first skin that uses colors that may not appeal to many players, Storm is one of the more interesting CSGO P90 skins under $10. The standard version goes for around $1.20, whereas the maximum amount you can expect to pay for a Souvenir edition is $12. 

For that amount of money, you get skin from  The Cobblestone Collection that uses arctic white with a little bit of brown and grey. The color combo is pretty good and eye-catching, but this option may not appeal to everyone. So, make sure to learn more about it.

Ash Wood

The next option on the list looks similar to the previous one in many ways. This CSGO Skin for p90 under 10 also uses white, grey, and brown wood, but it also has interesting branches as artwork.

Ash Wood became available from The Train Collection, and it costs around $0.13 for the Field-Tested variation. However, to get a Souvenir Factory New, you have to be ready to spend around $3.50.

Fallout Warning

This is probably one of the most interesting CSGO P90 skins you can get, especially if you want your gun to stand out. Unlike everything mentioned so far, this gun uses purple and pink/reddish colors. On top of that, it has a significant nuclear warning sign, which makes it more appealing.

Fallout Warning is a skin that became available from The Nuke Collection. In terms of its price, you can get a Battle-Scarred version for around $3.50. However, if you want the best of the best and opt for a Souvenir Factory New, you are looking at around $145. It is one of the most expensive P90 skins out there.


This is a cool-looking P90 CSGO skin that doesn’t cost much and will make your weapon stand out. Starting at around $0.08, this skin is cheap and actually looks like a train. To make it even more realistic, the artist added cool graffiti, as well as a couple of additional artworks. 

Freight became available from the Fracture Case, and you can even get a StatTrak version for around $1. This skin won’t appeal to everyone, but some people will be more than happy that they can take advantage of it.


While talking about cheap CSGO skins for P90 that look pretty cool, we have to mention Grim. Unlike everything else mentioned so far, this option uses green and black, and you can find cool-looking artwork, such as skulls. The option definitely isn’t for everyone, but some people will appreciate it a lot.

If you want to get this skin for CSGO, you have to be ready to spend around $0.15 for the regular version and up to $4 for the StatTrak. 


This is one of the most interesting P90 CSGO skins in 2023 under $10, and for a reason. Chopper is an option that starts from around $0.45 and can go up to $5.50 for the StatTrak version. For this amount of money, you can get black and yellow skin that features cool-looking flames. 

Even though you won’t find any cool-looking artwork or things like that, the skin looks cool, which explains why it has a lot of fans. In case you’re wondering, Chopper became available from the Gamma Case.

Vent Rush

If you like CSGO skins under $10 with flames, but Chopper seems too “tamed”, there is another great option called Vent Rush. The latter became available after the Recoil Case, and the standard versions cost around $2.70. However, to get the best in StatTrak, you must spend around $15.

This skin uses a deep black that contrasts really well with the flames. Aside from seeing them all over the gun, you can also see a big hose, as well as other elements that make your P90 feel like a flamethrower.


If none of the options mentioned so far seem that interesting, you will most likely be interested in Trigon. This P90 CSGO skin starts from around $9, but there are cases where it can be slightly over $10. 

Trigon became accessible in our favorite shooter courtesy of the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. It is a modern-looking skin that features black, grey, and orange, as well as interesting geometrical shapes. It may not look that special at first, but people with experience with CSGO skins will immediately recognize it.

Best CSGO P90 Skins Under $10 for 2023
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