Best Auras For Intelligence Heroes In 7.33B Patch

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Best Auras For Intelligence Heroes In 7.33B Patch

You can use these auras in the 7.33b patch to deal more magical damage to your enemies with Intelligence heroes in Dota 2.

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The addition of new features to Dota 2 with the launch of 7.33b patch has attracted millions of people to get back into the game. Thousands of Dota 2 squads are lining up to compete against each other in online matches to learn new ways of defeating their enemies in the multiplayer game. You can collect Lotuses from the Lotus Pool to restore health and mana to your heroes while fighting your opponents to destroy them in battles.

Intelligence heroes can give stiff competition to Universal heroes during team fights. These characters have a wide range of spells that can be used to strike enemy heroes with devastating damage. You can unlock these auras for Intelligence heroes to fulfill the support role for your team in the new version of the game.

Mekansm Aura – Mekansm

Death Prophet heals her allies using Mekansm aura

Mekansm is an item that is used by Intelligence heroes to boost the health of their allies. You can gain up to 4 armor from Mekasnm in battles. The Mekansm aura provided by the item grants up to 2.5 health regeneration to allied units in a 1200 radius. The bonus health regeneration rate can help your allies fight enemy creeps without teleporting to their base. You can buy a Mekasnm for 1775 gold in the game, letting Intelligence heroes protect their team early on during their matches.

Support heroes can use Mekansm to replenish up to 275 health to nearby allies. Mekansm has a cooldown of 50 seconds, giving the team plenty of time to recuperate between battles. You can stay close to teammates with low health using a Mekansm to amplify their healing abilities using the Mekasnm aura.

Death Prophet is an outstanding Intelligence hero in Dota 2. You can purchase a Mekansm for Death Prophet to make the support hero a reliable ally. Death Prophet can nuke enemy heroes with Crypt Swarms to deal over 300 damage to them. She can cast multiple instances of Crypt Swarms in lanes to help your carry heroes farm more gold. The Mekansm aura will restore plenty of health over time to your allies, letting them hit enemy creeps without losing a significant amount of health. Crypt Swam has a cast range of 810, allowing Death Prophet to hit ranged heroes in the enemy team easily during Dota 2 games.

You can drain the health of enemy heroes with Death Prophet using Spirit Siphon. Enemy units affected by Spirit Siphon have up to 100 damage per second (DPS) absorbed by the Intelligence hero. The Mekansm aura and Spirit Siphon can provide adequate regenerative abilities to turn Death Prophet into a formidable adversary in battles.

Death Prophet can protect allies in team fights by casting Silence in a radius of 425. Silenced enemy heroes will be unable to cast their spells for up to 6 seconds, giving allies of Death Prophet a chance to attack their opponents. The bonus health regeneration rate provided by Mekansm aura will encourage players to engage their enemies to deal more damage. You can also use Mekansm while playing Death Prophet to instantly restore a bit of their health.

Keeper of the Light can make good use of Mekansm. The Intelligence hero can buy the item to restore loads of health to his teammates. Ezalor can also replenish mana to his allies using Chakra Magic. He can cast Chakra Magic on allied heroes to provide 320 mana per cast. Allies affected by Chakra Magic have the cooldown of their abilities reduced by 6 seconds.

People can upgrade a Mekansm to Guardian Greaves to increase the amount of health and mana restored to allies. Guardian Greaves costs 4950 gold. Keeper of the Light can cast Illuminate on enemy creeps in his lane to deal 500 damage to them. He can use the Twin Gates to travel between lanes to gain more gold to buy Guardian Greaves to help his team.

Freezing Aura – Shiva’s Guard

Outworld Destroyer fights enemies in the mid lane with a Shiva's Guard

Shiva’s Guard is an excellent item that help support heroes defend their teams in the strategy game. You can gain up to 30 Intelligence and 15 armor by buying a Shiva’s Guard for your heroes. The item costs 4850 gold. Intelligence heroes can use the attributes provided by Shiva’s Guard to deal tons of damage in team fights.

The Freezing aura granted by Shiva’s Guard slows the attack speed of enemy units by 45 and reduces their health regeneration rate by 25%. With a radius of 1200, Freezing aura can be quite an effective item to use with Intelligence heroes in the 7.33b patch. Outworld Destroyer can use Freezing aura to obliterate his enemies in the new update. He gains a massive 4.2 Intelligence per level and can deal bonus damage to his enemies with Shiva’s Guard.

Outworld Destroyer can deal a portion of his mana pool as Pure damage to enemy units using Arcane Orb. You can remove the cooldown of Arcane Orb at level 4, letting Outworld Destroyer strike his enemies for easy kills. He can cast Arctic Blast using the item to deal 200 damage to all enemy units around Outworld Destroyer in a radius of 900. Enemy units hit by an Arctic Blast have their movement speed slowed by 40% for 4 seconds.

The passive ability, Essence Flux, grants a 30% chance to restore most of Outworld Destroyer’s mana pool in battles with each hit. Shiva’s Guard provides a huge boost to his Intelligence attributes, making his ulti stronger against heroes in the enemy team. His ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, deals a base damage of 400 and an additional 0.4 damage for every missing mana point between Outworld Destroyer and his enemy. The Freezing aura of Shiva’s Guard lets Outworld Destroyer chase his enemies in battles to mitigate them.

Storm Spirit can use Shiva’s Guard in creative ways. He can head mid to unlock his ulti faster before roaming the New Frontiers map for fresh kills. The Intelligence hero casts his ulti, Ball Lightning, to travel at high speeds in any lane. The Freezing aura lets Storm Spirit attack his enemies while having their attack speed reduced.

You can cast Static Remnant with Storm Spirit to deal 300 damage to enemies per spell. Static Remnant deals damage to all enemy units around the charged image in a small radius. It has a cooldown of 3.5 seconds and consumes 100 mana. The bonus Intelligence granted by Shiva’s Guard deals more damage to enemy units after using a spell. Storm Spirit can max out Overload to deal up to 100 bonus damage per spell he casts. It also applies bonus damage on Arctic Blast that can be cast using a Shiva’s Guard.

People can disable enemy heroes using Electric Vortex while playing Storm Spirit. He can use the Freezing aura to counter carry heroes with Electric Vortex and Arctic Blast to annihilate his enemies in team fights.

Burn Aura – Radiance

Necrophos uses Radiance to turn on Burn aura

Radiance lends several advantages to Intelligence heroes. You can purchase a Radiance for heroes to gain 55 attack damage and 15% evasion. The Burn aura provided by Radiance deals up to 60 DPS to enemy units in a radius of 700.

Necrophos can buy a Radiance to wipe out enemy heroes around him. He can cast Death Pulse to deal 280 damage to enemy units in a radius of 500. Death Pulse also heals allies of Necrophos for 130 health. You can activate Ghost Shroud to increase the magical damage by 25% to nearby enemies, amplifying the damage dealt from the Burn aura. A Radiance can be lethal to enemy heroes after Necrophos has maxed out Heartstopper aura during his matches. He can easily kill enemy heroes with Burn aura by casting his ulti, Reaper’s Scythe, on them in battles.

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