Best Apex Legends Crosshair

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Best Apex Legends Crosshair

This is how you can optimize your crosshair color to get the best visibility in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a visually flashy game. It can be tricky to have clear visibility with all the effects and different legends going on. That makes the crosshair that you use pretty important. This is one part of your settings that can make quite a big difference to how you perform, you can miss shots from poor visibility. Using the best Apex Legends crosshair can make a real difference in your performance.

You haven’t always been able to change your crosshair color in Apex. However, The game eventually enabled it. Players can make crosshair customization a part of their personal Apex Legends settings. It’s tricky to pick a single color that works in every local, though. The best Apex crosshair color isn’t immediately apparent, but there are some picks that are better than others.

Some possible crosshairs are dire. They can make it tricky to track enemies properly across the various colored backgrounds. You can end up using a crosshair with low visibility, or one that gets in the way. In this guide, we’ll run you through the best Apex Legends crosshair settings, why these picks are stronger, and what settings the top Apex pros use.

Best Apex Legends Crosshair

Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

Choosing an Apex Legends crosshair comes down to a few factors. With the more recent King’s Canyon map changes alongside the other locales, you have to make a crosshair that is perfectly visible in a variety of settings and lighting areas.

The ideal Apex Legends crosshair should simplify tracking enemies across more varied areas and lighting conditions. There are a few colors that do this. These are some picks for the best Apex Legends Crosshair:


  • RGB Hex Code: 255, 35, 208

The magenta color is clearly visible against most locales in the game. This one doesn’t have the drawback of being messy against green, it’s equally visible against the other area types in the game.

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  • RGB Hex Code: 2, 255, 200

The teal color works great in most areas. This one shows up clearly around fire, stone, most buildings, and pretty much the entire map. The main downside is more open grass areas. These don’t makeup too much of the map, but the Apex Legends crosshair is pretty visible in this color.

Bright Red

  • RGB Hex Code: 218, 0, 0

Bright Reed is one of the simplest picks in the game, but it is one of the best Apex Legends crosshairs. This one is visible across nearly all the maps and areas in them. If you’re in a spot with some lava, it might not be too clear. That’s a rare occurrence, though.

How to Change Your Apex Legends Crosshair

Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

The crosshair customization options are a little hidden away in the game. You might not initially go through it when setting up the best Apex Legends settings. If you haven’t altered or setup for your crosshair, then this is how you can change it:

  • Head into Setting
  • Then Gameplay
  • Change the ‘Reticule’ setting to customize

The entire set-up for how to change up the Apex Legends crosshair is hidden under this customization tab. Once you navigate through it, you’ll find a color wheel. This lets you pick which color you want your crosshair to be. The game has some presets. There are some specific colors that are the best picks for the game.

You can also change the crosshair color through the launcher. For this, you open up preferences by right-clicking on Apex in Steam. However, it is simple enough to change it in-game.

Pro Apex Legends Crosshairs

Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

Those are some picks for the best Apex Legends crosshairs. However, a lot of players might just want to see what the top pro players are using. The best Apex players compete at a high level, in insane tournaments like the Global series. They have different needs, but they use colors for their crosshairs which provide high visibility for this level of play.

We’re going to run through some top pro Apex Legends players' crosshair colors. Along with what crosshairs, some of the best streamers in the game use. These are some top picks.

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Albralelie is an Apex Legends player who has achieved big things playing for TSM. Most recently, he’s been part of a team to take early wins in events like the Code Red charity tournament, ALGS Online opens, and Official Invitationals for Apex. This is what he uses as a crosshair:

  • RGB Hex Code: 255, 108, 203


ImperialHal - Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

ImperialHal is one of the best-known Apex Legends players. He’s a top-level pro. Playing for TSM, he’s part of a team to win a few splits for the ALGS along with placing well at the 2022 Championship. ImerpailHal is a streamer too though. He regularly tops the charts for the most watched players on that platform. His Apex crosshair is a great example of what the highest-tier players use. This is one of his recent picks for colors.

  • RGB Hex Code: 765, 0, 765


Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff sits at his stream setup in his FaZe Clan hoodie, addressing the camera for his fans

Nickmercs is a big streamer who plays quite a few different games. He’s known for Warzone. However, he also plays a good amount of apex. His color for the crosshair does seem to move, but the streamer has used this color quite a bit. It’s one of the most visible and best Apex Legends crosshair colors.

  • RGB Hex Code: 2, 255, 200


HisWattson - Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

HisWattson is another major Apex Legends streamer. He’s mainly known for this game and has a huge following on Twitch. He uses a bright red color for the crosshair.

  • RGB Hex Code: 218, 0, 0


Sweetdreams - Best Apex Legends Crosshair Color

Sweetdreams is the last pro Apex Legends crosshair we’ll be looking at. He uses a slightly different code for his crosshair. It’s a bit different to the others here. However, some players might find it perfect for their needs.

  • RGB Hex Code: 200, 250, 1250

Those are some of the Apex crosshair colors used by pros in the game, and recommendations for the best Apex Legends crosshairs overall. The choice of which color is ultimately down to personal preference. However, all of these recommendations here make a good pick. They should give you the best visibility in the varied maps on the game.

Best Apex Legends Crosshair
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