Best Allies for Pudge in 7.32e

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Best Allies for Pudge in 7.32e

These heroes can be the best allies for Pudge in the 7.32e update for Dota 2. 

Pudge is one of the oldest heroes in Dota 2 and has turned into a reliable choice to help players dominate their opponents in battles. You can play Pudge with a variety of different heroes to gain an advantage during team fights. 

Pudge – The Butcher

You can use Pudge to isolate enemy heroes by hooking them across the map. Pudge can launch a Meat Hook from a distance of 1300 to grab enemy heroes from hidden locations. He can deal up to 360 Pure damage to drain the health of his enemies with Meat Hooks. Allies can cast their magical spells to stun, disable, or silence enemies immediately after they’ve been hooked by Pudge. Meat Hooks can be used on enemy units immune to spells, making Pudge more effective against carry heroes in online competitions and esports tournaments. 

Pudge can activate Rot after pulling enemy heroes using Meat Hook to slow their movement speed. The Strength hero can deal up to 120 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units around him in a radius of 250 with Rot. Teammates can hit enemy heroes slowed by Pudge to decrease their health before their opponents can teleport to their base. 

The passive ability, Flesh Heap, provides loads of bonus Strength to Pudge with each kill he takes in Dota 2. Pudge gains up to 2 Strength as a permanent bonus after getting a kill, increasing his health after defeating enemy heroes in team fights. 

Dismember can be a lethal ability against enemy heroes in the online game. Pudge can use his ulti to disable enemy heroes for up to 3 seconds. You can cast Dismember on your opponents after connecting a Meat Hook in lanes to increase your chances of getting a kill with the Butcher. 

People can try new combos with these heroes to strike their enemies with nerve-wrecking abilities to defeat them while partying with Pudge in the massively multiplayer game. 


Pudge holds TIdehunter in place to let Juggernaut attack him

Juggernaut is an Agility hero with devastating melee attacks that can break enemy heroes in Dota 2. He can take the mid lane with Pudge to get early kills during matches. Meat Hook has a maximum cast range of 1300 at level 1, letting Pudge bring his enemies closer in lanes to harass them. Juggernaut can stay near Pudge till the Butcher successfully gets to grab enemy heroes. 

Allies playing Juggernaut can start spinning around enemy heroes hooked by Pudge to deal more damage to them. The Agility hero can deal up to 165 DPS to enemy heroes in a radius of 260 for 5 seconds using Blade Fury. Juggernaut becomes immune to magical spells while Blade Fury is active, allowing him to slash through enemy heroes without taking damage from stuns and other abilities from his opponents. 

Players can plant a Healing Ward near Pudge to restore a small portion of health to their allies while farming for gold in lanes with Juggernaut. A Healing Ward can last for up to 25 seconds. It can take only one hit from enemy heroes to destroy the Healing Ward, requiring players to guard it by moving it around near Juggernaut to replenish more health to their allies.

You can purchase a Diffusal Blade to slow enemy heroes with Juggernaut. The carry hero can use Diffusal Blade on enemy heroes to let Pudge land a Meat Hook directly on heroes roaming around the map. Diffusal Blade will also let Juggernaut burn the mana of enemy heroes with each hit. You can level up the ability, Blade Dance, to gain a 35% chance to deal critical damage to enemies. Pudge can activate Rot on enemies to let Juggernaut hit slowed enemy heroes to deal tons of critical damage with his blade. 

Juggernaut can unleash his ulti, Omnislash, to hit enemy heroes multiple times within a few seconds. Enemy heroes can take up to 50 bonus damage per hit from Juggernaut with Omnislash for up to 3.5 seconds. Pudge can disable enemy heroes with Dismember while Juggernaut annihilates his opponents using his ulti.

Many people purchase a Battle Fury to increase the attack damage of Juggernaut. Battle Fury provides 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration to the carry hero. Juggernaut can cleave through multiple enemies after purchasing a Battle Fury in Dota 2 matches. He can also earn additional gold between waves of creeps with Battle Fury equipped in his inventory. 


Sven slits his enemy while teaming up with Pudge

Sven is a mighty tank hero in Dota 2. He can slit his enemies with his weapon to get Kill Streaks while teaming up with Pudge. Sven can launch a Storm Hammer at his enemies to stun them for up to 2 seconds. He can deal 320 damage to his opponents using Storm Hammer to nuke enemy heroes in lanes. Sven can signal Pudge before striking his foes with a Storm Hammer to let him use Meat Hook from afar during battles. 

The Strength hero can activate Warcry to increase the movement speed of Sven’s allies around him for 9 seconds. The bonus movement speed gained by Pudge with Warcry can help Pudge approach enemy heroes before they get stunned by Sven. Pudge will also gain up to 15 armor for the duration of Warcry, reducing the damage taken from enemy attacks in lanes. 

Allies can use God’s Strength to boost the attack damage of Sven in battles. Sven gains up to 200% additional damage for 35 seconds by using his ulti, God’s Strength. He can deliver quick hits to destroy enemy heroes disabled by Pudge during team fights. God’s Strength can also be used to mitigate enemy towers while pushing lanes with Pudge, making Sven an excellent ally for the Butcher. 

People can buy an Echo Sabre to increase the attack speed of Sven. Echo Sabre provides 15 attack damage, 13 Strength, 10 attack speed, 10 Intelligence, and 1.75 mana regeneration to the carry hero. Sven can attack enemy units twice in a row by purchasing an Echo Sabre in Dota 2 games. The item costs 2500 gold and can be useful during early game to get more kills with Sven. Enemy units affected by Echo Sabre will have their movement speed reduced by 100% for 0.8 seconds, allowing Pudge to grab enemy heroes with Meat Hook. 

Lifesteal can help Sven regain his health while fighting enemy heroes disabled by Pudge. Satanic can be bought for 5050 gold in the game. Physical attacks from Sven grant 30% Lifesteal per hit after buying a Satanic for the Strength hero. Satanic provides 38 attack damage and 25 Strength to Sven. He can activate Satanic to use Unholy Rage, increasing his Lifesteal from 30% to 175% per hit for 6 seconds. 


Viper attacks enemies slowed by Pudge

Viper can be a trusty teammate to Pudge. He has an attack range of 575, letting Viper hit enemies slowed by Pudge from a safe distance. Allies can turn on Poison Attack to deal 16 DPS for 4 seconds with Viper. He can use Nethertoxin on enemies being Dismembered by Pudge to break passive abilities of his opponents. Viper can deal an additional 125 DPS in a radius of 400 using Nethertoxin. 

The increased magic resistance gained by Viper from his passive ability, Corrosive Skin, lets Viper take considerably less damage from incoming spells. Viper can attack his foes using Viper Strike to deal 160 DPS for 5 seconds to them. Enemy units affected by Viper Strike have their movement speed and attack speed slowed for the duration of the spell. Pudge can easily get kills on enemies weakened by Viper by nuking his opponents with Meat Hooks throughout the match. 

Viper can turn invisible after purchasing a Shadow Blade in Dota 2. Shadow Blade lets Viper become undetectable to enemy units for 14 seconds and gains bonus movement speed from the item. It can cost players 3000 gold to buy a Shadow Blade for Viper. The Agility hero can move closer to enemy heroes in lanes with Shadow Blade before casting his ulti, Viper Strike, to kill his opponents in battles. 

Players can purchase a Radiance for Viper to increase his attack damage by 55. Enemy heroes around Viper take up to 60 DPS as burn damage from Viper after buying a Radiance for the ranged hero. The damage dealt to enemy heroes from Radiance and Rot make Viper and Pudge a good team in Dota 2 matches. 

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