BBL Queens Reign Supreme: EMEA Game Changers 3 Champions

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BBL Queens Reign Supreme: EMEA Game Changers 3 Champions

BBL Queens' Historic Undefeated Run in Game Changer EMEA Series 3  secures them a spot to the highly anticipated Valorant World Championships

In a momentous showdown at the EMEA VALORANT Game Changers Series Three grand finals, history was destined to be written, irrespective of the outcome. The fierce clash between BBL Queens and Acend Rising, held on October 8, marked a turning point in the esports scene. Previously, only Guild X had succeeded in prying away a regional title from the dominant G2 Gozen dynasty. However, it was the Turkish powerhouse who etched their names into the annals of history.

BBL Queens Show of Dominance

This online European B-Tier tournament took place starting from 11th September, as the Turkish Queens started their winning run with a 2-0 score against Guild X. With high confidence, they kept on their winning stride, defeating all teams of Group A in a bold display of Queenly dominance, defeating the likes of Case Hydra, Odd 1 OUT, Dsyre Elevate, NAVI Celestials, G2 Gozen and Falcons VEGA back to back.

They then moved their reign over to the Upper Bracket Semi Finals, beating NASR Ignite 2-1, before moving on to Upper Bracket Final vs Falcons VEGA, a rematch with the same 2-0 score as before. Acend Rising came through the Lower Bracket Finals, but were easily bested by the Queens of Turkey.

A Historic Run To The World Champions

BBL Queens secured a resounding 3-1 victory over Acend Rising in the best-of-five grand final, not only clinching the EMEA Game Changers Champions title but also earning a coveted spot at the Game Changers World Championship LAN event in São Paulo, Brazil, slated for the end of November. With G2 Gozen having already secured their place through circuit points, the victors of this tournament were the sole contenders for the World Championship spot.

Beyond their triumph on the grand stage, the Turkish Queens' victory carries significant implications on multiple fronts.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of their victory is the fact that they navigated the tournament without once slipping into the lower bracket, showcasing an exceptional level of consistency and dominance. Although they did encounter a few hurdles, dropping just two maps throughout the entire competition, the collective prowess of each team member shone brightly. Among them, Gülce “Wens” Eda Sürmeli's performance in the final map of the grand final stands out, boasting an impressive plus six Kill-to-Death (K/D) ratio and an astonishing Average Combat Score (ACS) of 216.

The Secret Recipe

In a revealing interview conducted before the start of the 2023 Game Changers Championship, IGL Aleyna “Vania” Keskin shared the secrets that would later propel the team to an astonishing championship run without dropping a single game.

BBL Queens Reign Supreme: EMEA Game Changers 3 Champions

Their success was underpinned by clear pillars. Firstly, their unwavering dedication to relentless practice laid the foundation for their dominance. The team's close-knit dynamic, built on an understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses, ensured seamless communication and precise coordination. Vania's leadership as the In-Game Leader (IGL) provided a tactical edge, allowing them to strategize with precision.

Acknowledging the necessity to adapt to challenges, their unshakable self-belief emerged as their ultimate asset. Armed with these insights, the unrelenting Queens executed a flawless championship run, securing the 2023 Game Changers Championship title without dropping a single game. Their journey, rooted in dedication, teamwork, leadership, adaptability, and unwavering confidence, firmly established their place in esports history as resolute champs.

Waving the Turkish Flag

On a more sentimental note, BBL Queens have etched their names in the annals of history as the first all-Turkish squad to ascend to the global stage in Game Changers. This achievement marks a significant milestone for their team as they proudly represent their country. Commencing on November 28, they will have the opportunity to showcase Turkish VALORANT to the entire world as they enter the 2023 Game Changers World Championship as EMEA's second seed.

In sum, the Turkish Queens' undefeated run in the EMEA VALORANT Game Changers Series Three grand finals not only secured their place in the World Championship but also cemented their status as a formidable force in the world of esports. Their journey, characterized by unwavering determination and remarkable skill, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the esports landscape, with all eyes now eagerly anticipating their performance on the global stage.

BBL Queens Reign Supreme: EMEA Game Changers 3 Champions
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