NAVI Adds Two Players to Valorant Game Changers Roster

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NAVI Adds Two Players to Valorant Game Changers Roster

Two new players are now at home at NAVI Celestials.

NAVI has announced they have added two new players to their VCT Game Changers Valorant team, the NAVI Celestials: Nehir “Anva” Dinçer and Hilal “Lateu” Yaşar. The two will replace Ritha, who left NAVI in July, and Gia, who has moved to the inactive slot on the roster. 

Anva is a relatively fresh face on the Valorant Game Changers scene. Anva was previously a member of İstanbul Wildcats and Turkish Sangal Rebels. As a member of the İstanbul Wildcats, Anva won the REBEL #2 tournament of the REBEL tournament series, securing the Wildcats' spot in VCT 2023: Game Changers EMEA Contenders Series 2. The Wildcats managed a solid 3rd place finish after losing 1-2 to NASR Ignite. 

Lateu is a seasoned Valorant pro, having been on the pro circuit for six years. She was formerly a member of Acend Rising: the top-ranked and undefeated seed of Group B in VCT 2023: Game Changers EMEA Stage 1. They would suffer two losses at the hands of tournament winners G2 Gouzen, once in the Upper Bracket Semifinals and again in the Lower Bracket Finals, finishing the tournament in 3rd place. 

Can Lateu and Anva Help Turn the Celestials' Season Around?

It's been an underwhelming season so far for NAVI Celestials. Despite having strong players like Sephia, Ritha, and proxima, all of whom were part of the teams that finished first at REBELS #1, REBELS #2, REBELS #3, and the REBELS Final last year (And who have been strong competitors for years), the Celestials have yet to achieve success this season.

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After very disappointing 13th-14th and 9th-10th place finishes at VCT 2023: Game Changers EMEA Stage 1 and VCT 2023: Game Changers EMEA Stage 2, respectively, the Celestials have a chance to revive their season at the upcoming VCT 2023: Game Changers EMEA Stage 3 on September 11. The Celestials finished 3rd in this event last year. If they manage a 1st place finish this year, they'll earn their spot in the VCT 2023: Game Changers Championship. 


NAVI Adds Two Players to Valorant Game Changers Roster
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