Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Pot-Bellied Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Pot-Bellied Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

Take a look at this comprehensive guide on how you can Win with a Pot-Bellied Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl. 

Battle Pass 2022 rewards its participants with amazing items and collectibles that you can unlock by playing Dota 2 matches. People have access to all-new seasonal game mode, Diretide, during Part II of the Battle Pass 2022, that is being held between November 3, 2022 – January 12, 2023. 

The items that you can earn with the Battle Pass 2022 include the exclusive Conduit of the Blueheart Persona for Crystal Maiden, Immortal Treasure II 2022, Ageless Heirlooms 2022 treasure, The Battle Pass Collection 2022 treasure, and many more. 

Players with the Battle Pass 2022 can complete challenges in the 2 new maps for Cavern Crawl to get bonus battle points. You can get dozens of treasure chests that reward players with thousands of battle points in Cavern Crawl to help you level up faster. Here’s how you can Win with a Pot-Bellied Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl with the Battle Pass 2022. 


Alchemist gets excited to win bonus battle points

Alchemist is a Strength hero who is capable of earning a high gold per minute (GPM) in the game. He can stun enemy units with his spells and spill chemicals to weaken their armor. His ulti lets him gain bonus attack speed and health regeneration during battles in Dota 2. 

You can take the mid lane with the Alchemist to earn more gold early on. If you’re going mid with the melee hero, you can buy a Bottle to help you store and activate runes from the river to replenish your mana and health. Bounty runes will provide bonus gold based on the level of Greevil’s Greed.

The safe lane is also a good place to start for the Alchemist. You can stack neutral creeps and take them out using Acid Spray to gain more gold in the safe lane. Allies with spells that can stun opponents can provide easy kills before the first 10 minutes of the game. 

Gamers who are new to playing Alchemist can take at least one level of Greevil’s Greed to gain more gold per creep or enemy hero that they kill. Each successive kill made within 36 seconds adds 3 bonus gold. Greevil’s Greed provides a maximum bonus gold of up to 24 at level 4. 

If you want to get more kills and assists during the early game, you can max out Unstable Concoction for Alchemist. Unstable Concoction can deal up to 360 gold and stuns enemy units for up to 4 seconds. You can charge Unstable Concoction for up to 5 seconds before hurling it at an enemy unit. Alchemist will gain bonus movement speed while charging the spell. Unstable Concoction has a cooldown of 13 seconds and consumes 100 mana in the game. 

Alchemist can use Acid Spray to deal damage to all enemy units in a 625 radius. Enemy units affected by Acid Spray take up to 35 damage per second (DPS) for 16 seconds and have their armor reduced by 7. Acid Spray has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires 160 mana per cast. 

His ulti, Chemical Rage, can reduce the base attack time of the melee hero. Alchemist will regenerate up to 100 health per second and gain a bonus movement speed of 60 for 30 seconds. Chemical Rage has a cooldown of 60 seconds and needs 100 mana. You can increase the health regeneration rate and movement speed bonus of Chemical Rage at level 25 through the Talent Tree.  

Core Items for the Alchemist

There are a number of builds that can work well for the Alchemist. You can purchase items that increase the attack speed, attack damage, and health of Alchemist to make him a mighty carry hero in the game. 


Maelstrom is an item that provides 24 attack damage to the Alchemist. The Strength hero has a 30% chance to release a lightning bolt that deals 140 damage to multiple enemy units. Buying a Maelstrom for Alchemist early in the game will let you earn more gold while farming in the lane. You can upgrade Maelstrom to Mjollnir or Gleipnir to strengthen the item. Maelstrom costs 2700 gold in the game. 

Skull Basher 

Alchemist gains 25 attack damage and 10 Strength by purchasing a Skull Basher. The Strength hero has a 25% chance to stun heroes for 1.5 seconds with every hit. Enemy heroes that are stunned by Skull Basher take 100 bonus damage from physical attacks. The item costs 2875 gold in the game. You can upgrade Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade. 

Battle Fury 

Battle Fury grants Alchemist 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration. The melee hero can spread a portion of the damage dealt by his physical attacks in a 650 distance in front of him. Battle Fury can be purchased for 4100 gold in the game. Alchemist can farm faster in the forest with a Battle Fury in his inventory. You can get a Battle Fury to increase your GPM with Alchemist in Dota 2. 


Radiance is an item that can significantly improve the farming abilities of Alchemist. The item can be bought for 5050 gold in the game. Alchemist gains 60 attack damage and 15% evasion by equipping Radiance. 

You can easily kill waves of enemy creeps with Radiance in your inventory. Greevil’s Greed will exponentially increase the gold earned from creep kills while farming with Alchemist in the lanes. Radiance deals 60 DPS to all enemy units in a 700 radius. You can deal massive damage to enemy creeps and heroes by using Acid Spray along with Radiance during battles in Dota 2. 

Silver Edge 

Silver Edge provides 52 attack damage and 35 attack speed to the melee hero. You can use Silver Edge to turn Alchemist invisible for 14 seconds. Alchemist will deal 175 bonus damage after leaving invisibility. Enemy heroes hit by Alchemist with Silver Edge after he loses invisibility will have a break applied to their passive abilities. 

The break applied on enemy heroes using Silver Edge lasts for 4 seconds. Silver Edge has a cooldown of 20 seconds and requires 75 mana to be used. Alchemist will gain a 30% chance to deal 160% critical damage by purchasing Silver Edge. The critical damage can be useful to destroy durable Strength heroes and carry heroes in the game. 

Heroes that Alchemist can counter

Alchemist can nuke enemy heroes with Acid Spray to prevent them from farming. He can also use Unstable Concoction to stun enemy heroes and deal damage to his opponents. Alchemist has a unique set of skills that makes him an effective counter against these heroes. 


Axe uses his abilities to disable enemy heroes

Axe is a melee hero who gains a permanent armor boost every time he kills an enemy with his ulti. The increased armor lets Axe enter battles and tank incoming damage from enemy heroes. He can use Berserker’s Call to force all enemy units in a 300 radius to attack Axe, giving his team a chance to strike and annihilate the team. 

Alchemist can reduce the armor of Axe by using Acid Spray. He can reduce the number of enemy creeps and drain the health of enemy heroes within 625 radius by using Acid Spray to nuke them in team fights. 

You can help allies who are unable to use their abilities while attacking Axe during Berserker’s Call by stunning them. Unstable Concoction can stun Axe for 4 seconds, disabling Axe while he is hit by physical attacks from your teammates. 

Chemical Rage, Alchemist’s ulti, will let him heal faster during his encounters with Axe. The bonus health regeneration rate gained when Chemical Rage is active will prevent Alchemist from dying from Culling Blade. 

You can purchase Vanguard to counter Axe while playing Alchemist in the game. Vanguard will provide 250 health and 7 health regeneration to Alchemist. The item will help Alchemist block up to 64 damage from melee heroes and 32 damage from ranged heroes on a few attacks from his enemies. You can upgrade Vanguard to Crimson Guard to protect your team against Axe during battles.  

Faceless Void

Faceless Void gets ready to use Time Walk in battles

Faceless Void is a carry hero who can wipe out multiple enemy heroes within a few seconds. His abilities let Faceless Void enter and exit battles with ease. He can trap enemy units and disable enemy heroes with his ulti. 

Many players in Dota 2 use Faceless Void to interrupt team fights. Faceless Void can use Time Walk to move into a location on the map to surprise his enemies. Time Walk also backtracks any damage that Faceless Void takes in the last 2 seconds. The ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds, letting Faceless Void use Time Walk plenty of times in a match. 

Alchemist can use his abilities to last longer during battles while fighting Faceless Void. The Strength hero can use Unstable Concoction to stun Faceless Void and disable him. You can use Chemical Rage to increase his health regeneration rate while being attacked in Chronosphere that is cast by Faceless Void. 

You can use Acid Spray on lanes that Faceless Void is farming in. Make sure you deny enemy creeps in lanes against Faceless Void to keep him from farming items like Maelstrom, Battle Fury, and Manta Style. You can also purchase Assault Cuirass to reduce the armor of Faceless Void while playing Alchemist. These tactics can help you Win with a Pot-Bellied Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl with the Battle Pass 2022. 

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