Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

Here’s how you can Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl with the Battle Pass 2022. 

Cavern Crawl returns in the Battle Pass 2022 with all new challenges to help you unlock Mythical sets for the Juggernaut, Crystal Maiden, and Slardar. You can choose specific heroes from the Cavern Crawl map to progress toward achieving these Mythical sets.

You can pick Agility heroes to complete the Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl. Players can finish these fun challenges to earn bonus battle points and Style Unlock Fragments for the Mythical sets. Take a look at the detailed guide to help you Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022. 


Riki uses Blink Strike to get behind his enemies

Riki is a silent killer who can sneak up on his enemies and deliver the final blow. The Agility hero can roam the map undetected to hunt for heroes. You can choose Riki to mutilate enemies and disable their abilities. Riki is incredibly effective as a counter hero against spell casters and nukers. 

The Stealth Assassin has a base movement speed of 315, letting him chase heroes on the run. You can purchase Tranquil Boots to increase his movement speed by 65. Tranquil Boots grants 14 health regeneration to Riki when he is not taking incoming damage. 

Riki’s ulti, Cloak and Dagger, lets him remain invisible to keep him from breaking the regenerative abilities of Tranquil Boots. You can focus on taking the last hits in the lane and turn invisible to heal with Tranquil Boots after clearing waves of creeps. Tranquil Boots costs 925 gold in the game. 

You can upgrade Tranquil Boots to Boots of Bearing later in the game. Boots of Bearing can be activated to provide 50 attack speed and 15% movement speed boost for the Stealth Assassin for up to 6 seconds. The item has a cooldown of 30 seconds and gains a charge every 3 minutes. 

The carry hero has a base attack damage of 59 – 63 and base armor of 6. His base stats are 18 Agility, 18 Strength, and 14 Intelligence. Riki gains 1.4 Agility per level. You can build items that increase the Agility of the Stealth Assassin to make him a feared hero in the game. 

He can use Smoke Screen to create a cloud that prevents enemy heroes from casting their spells in a 375 radius. Smoke Screen lasts for 6 seconds and causes enemies to have a 75% chance of missing their physical attacks. It has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 80 mana. 

You can use Blink Strike to move closer to enemy units instantly. Blink Strike will teleport Riki to his target and lead him to attack from their rear. Opponents hit by Blink Strike have their movement speed slowed for 0.8 seconds. Blink Strike provides bonus damage of 85 and has a cast range of 900 distance. It needs 65 mana to be used in the game. 

Tricks of the Trade can be used at any time in the game to render Riki immune to physical attacks and magical spells for 2 seconds. Riki will attack all units in a 450 radius while Tricks of the Trade is active. It will also increase Riki’s Agility by 100%. You can use Tricks of the Trade to evade incoming spells like Assassinate, Sacred Arrow, and Storm Hammer. Tricks of the Trade has a cooldown of 12 seconds and needs 55 mana. 

Cloak and Dagger turns Riki invisible while he is not attacking enemy units. His ulti has a fade time of 2 seconds and helps him deal 2.2x of his Agility as bonus damage when hitting enemies from behind. Watch out for Sentry Wards that are placed around the map while exploring the forest with Riki. You can use the Stealth Assassin to scout for lone enemy heroes who are farming in the jungle and signal allies to ambush them. 

Diffusal Blade is a key item for Riki. You can blink on enemy heroes, cast Smoke Screen, and use Inhibit to slow opponents for 4 seconds. Inhibit is the active ability of Diffusal Blade and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Diffusal Blade provides 15 Agility and 10 Intelligence to Riki. Diffusal Blade costs 2500 gold in the game.

Abyssal Blade is an item that can strengthen the skills of the Stealth Assassin. Riki gains 250 health, 25 attack damage, 10 Strength, and 10 health regeneration with Abyssal Blade. The melee hero has a 25% chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds with his physical attacks. Stunned opponents take 120 bonus damage. 

You can also use Overwhelm to stun targets for 2 seconds with Abyssal Blade. It has a cooldown of 35 seconds and consumes 75 mana. You can use Overwhelm before using Tricks of the Trade to stun enemies and keep them from escaping the battle. Dota 2 players will definitely need Diifusal Blade or Abyssal Blade to Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022.  


Terrorblade turns into a demon to slay his opponents

Terrorblade is an Agility hero who can push lanes and destroy multiple heroes with ease. He can create images of himself to deal high amounts of damage in the game. Terrorblade can switch between melee and ranged attacks using his abilities to increase his effectiveness in battles. 

The carry hero has a base armor of 8.7, that allows him to farm in neutrals early in the game without losing much of his health. You can take the safe lane to stack neutral creep camps with Terrorblade and earn more gold per minute (GPM). Players with a low GPM can practice playing with Terrorblade to increase their GPM score on their overall stats in Dota 2. 

Terrorblade has a base movement speed of 315. You can buy Phase Boots to increase the movement speed of Terrorblade by 45 and increase his armor by 4. Phase Boots grants Terrorblade 18 attack damage when using melee attacks and 12 attack damage when using ranged attacks. 

You can activate Phase Boots to gain bonus movement speed for 3 seconds, letting Terrorblade close in on enemy heroes before they can escape. Phase Boots has a cooldown of 8 seconds and costs 1500 gold in the game. 

Terrorblade can use Reflection to create illusions of enemy heroes in a 500 radius. The illusions are invulnerable to damage and deal 100% of the attack damage of the enemy units. All the opponents under the effects of Reflection are slowed by 30% for 5 seconds. Reflection has a cooldown of 16 seconds and consumes 50 mana. 

He can use Conjure Image to create images of himself. The images created by Terrorblade using Conjure Image deal 60% of his attack damage and take 300% incoming damage. These images can last for up to 34 seconds. Conjure Image has a cooldown of 16 seconds and needs 85 mana per cast. Conjure Image can be used to farm in the forest to earn more gold. You can increase the damage and duration of Conjure Image by leveling up through the Talent Tree. 

Terrorblade can turn himself into a dangerous demon at any moment in the game using Metamorphosis. The Agility hero can strike opponents with ranged attacks for up to 50 seconds. Metamorphosis provides up to 550 range to his attacks and grants 60 bonus damage. It has an increased cooldown of 150 seconds and requires 100 mana to be used in the game. 

You can purchase Manta Style for 4600 gold. Manta Style provides 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed for Terrorblade. The Agility hero can use Mirror Image to create 2 images of himself that last for up to 20 seconds. The images created with Manta Style let Terrorblade deal 33% damage in melee form and deal 28% damage in ranged form. Mirror Image has a cooldown of 30 seconds and consumes 125 mana. 

Terrorblade’s ulti, Sunder, can be used to survive lethal attacks in Dota 2. You can cast Sunder on enemies to swap their health with yours. It can be a precious ability in battles when you are running low on health. Sunder has a cooldown of 40 seconds and needs 50 mana. 

Players can reach level 25 to reduce the cooldown of Sunder by 34 seconds through the Talent Tree. You can use Sunder on allied heroes as well. Be careful while using Sunder on your teammates, as you don’t want to push them to the brink of death in team fights. 

You can buy Eye of Skadi for the Terrorblade to improve the attacking capabilities of his images. Enemy units affected by Eye of Skadi have their movement speed and attack speed slowed for 3 seconds. The effects of Eye of Skadi work while attacking enemies using images from Conjure Image and Manta Style. 

Eye of Skadi provides 22 Strength, 22 Agility, and 22 Intelligence to the Terrorblade. It also provides 220 health and 220 mana. Eye of Skadi can be bought for 5300 gold in the game. Equipping Eye of Skadi for the Terrorblade can help you Win with a Horned Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022. 

You can buy Gleipnir to be able to root all enemy units in a 450 radius for 2 seconds using Eternal Chains. Eternal Chains has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 200 mana. Terrorblade and his images will gain a passive ability that provides a 30% chance to release a bolt of lightning that deals 160 damage to multiple enemy units in a 650 radius. 

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